Pure Electric revolutionises the concept of E-Bike clothing
The idea of a hybrid between cycling and motorcycling clothing is one the most innovative projects in
the technical apparel field.

We combine ergonomics of cycling clothing, light and aerodynamic, with the resistance performances
of motorcycling clothing, providing protection and safety, together with style and elegance.

We disseminate all terrain safe riding with Pat. CE Integrated Protection System that can be removed
(from shoulders, elbows, hips and knees) quickly when user gets off the EEBike to face the day without
giving up the style.


Pure Electric is designed to ensure functionality as its real strength

The possibility to remove quickly and easily the protectors off their pockets, with no need to take off
the clothing, allows the transformation of technical clothing (for a ride with an EEMtb) to a fashion
clothing (to go to a business meeting or to go out for dinner).

It’s innovative design for every day life includes the PE Diamond technology, a thermoEformed back
pocket containing the PE rain proof jacket to pull out from inside in case of strong rain.


The design of the garments Pure Electric is focused on the needs of
modern lifestyle and fashion changes

You can always wear Pure Electric design thanks to the ergonomics of its garments:
whether in the countryside for trekking or in the city, both sport or leisure activities and even during
your working day.

The result is a mix between technology, soft comfort with accurate fit and innovative design that is
unique until now.

The development of technical materials now allowed to choose the best
fabrics for the Pure Electric clothing line

Selected fabrics are highly resistant to abrasion (more than 2,000 cycles at Martin Dale test);
the clothes offer the rider high abrasion protection, as well as protection from adverse weather

The protectors are made of polyurethane based foamed materials, with a particular mixture that
absorbs the impact energy, transforming it into heat.

All components come from the motorcycle field, in which the required resistance of the materials is
adequate to the highest working conditions.


The realization of the garments is completely Made in Italy

Production and assembly is carried out in highly specialized quality control laboratories, taking care of
the details of cutting, the sewing and the assembly of all components.

The quality control in the laboratory and at our company ensures that the product is made perfectly.

All Pure Electric products are made with materials guaranteed to the
people and to the environment
All materials and components are recyclable. The used materials are safe, they are supplied by ISOE
certified companies.
Even the skinEcontact is guaranteed by certified tests made by textiles manufacturers.

Pure Electric is a high-end clothing line, combining fashion wear to high
technical content, without any increase on the price
Certified protectors, careful design, first choice materials, handcrafted details are just some of the
qualities of Pure Electric clothing line.

The final price is in line with the proposals of highEend competitors, proposals that anyway don’t have
all the qualities listed above.


Pure Electric garments are the right compromise between lightness and

The EEBike helps you to do more on its pedals with less, so we can renounce a super light clothing, in
respect of safety, design and functionality of the product .
Nevertheless, we looked for the best solutions to reduce the weight of clothing.

Certified protectors, added for safety reasons, are the lightest that can be achieved with today’s


From the desk where we work, we can instantly get on our E-Bike in a
natural way
The garments in the Pure Electric collection contain protectors to ensure maximum safety and
protection to the rider of the EEBike.

The protectors are CE certified and provide protection against damages caused by tumbles, while
using an EEBike.

The interaction between the casual and the technical garment is perfectly fitted.