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...makes one of a kind high performance e-bikes to fit the specific needs of the individual owner. Need light weight speed? M1 Has it with the 40 MPH SPITZING. Need performance and portability in one? M1 has it. Need light weight simplicity? M1 has it. Totally original and totally German in its quality and performance. Available only Motostrano.com
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M1 Spitzing E-Bike - Electric Bike M1 Spitzing Plus E-Bike M1 Spitzing Evolution E-Bike - R-Pedalec
M1 Spitzing Plus E-Bike
List Price: $9,500.00
SALE: $9,200.00
Savings: $300.00

M1 Sterzing CC E-Bike - S-Pedalec M1 Spitzing Evolution E-Bike - S-Pedalec M1 Spitzing Evolution E-Bike - Pedalec
M1 Sterzing GT E-Bike - S-Pedalec