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Haibike Electric Bikes

Now you can outperform every one with a Haibike electric bike and save 20 to 30% off when you do it!


Starting today, all Haibike 2018 ebike models have been marked down to move. Grab a great deal on a full suspension mountain bike, commuter, or cross model only at Motostrano!

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Once you experience the thrill of a Haibike, it's hard to ride anything else. With over 50 different models of electric bike, now with 3 different drive systems, some of the best technology and design work is coming out of the German Haibike as they build ebikes that are made to last for years of enjoyment. Motostrano and Haibike have a long history of sales development and our two store locations are filled with the brand. Haibike ebikes for off-road, commuting and touring. Come try a new Haibike today.

Since the first days of ePerformance the XDURO has been the benchmark for innovation, design, performance, and reliability against which all other e-bikes are compared. For 2018, the XDURO line was re-inveted once again, and now offers a wider range of cutting edge options than ever. From Haibike's new Bosch Intube system to their well known Yamaha PW-X, the Haibike XDURO model line-up represents the most extreme, advanced, cutting edge and performance focused e-bikes on the planet.

The XDURO and SDURO lines mean a selection of drive systems and a range of power that only Haibike offers. By offering comfort, quality, and class leading performance in a wide range of price points, the SDURO class opens up the world of sporty and innovative ePerformance bikes to more riders than ever before. New for 2018 is Haibike's FullSeven LT (Long Trave) series of singletrack smoothing 150mm travel emtbs offered with a range of different motors and specs. Haibike's well-known sporty full suspension Seven series gives you nimble 27.5 wheels. Haibike's SDURO class also offers the biggest choice of great all-around sporty hardtails on the market and for those seeking adventure, you are sure to find the trekking, cross, or urban bike of your dreams.

Haibike specific technology:

Bosch Performance CX
The Performance X motor was developed with a focus on creating a more sport oriented unit with a leaning towards off-road. With 75NM of torque the "direct flow" technique also guarantees powerful support in the lower cadence levels. Trail Control offers a dynamic power management system that allows the rider to choose the optimum support level (50-300%) for the terrain they are riding.

Bosch Performance Speed
A powerful and reliable drive unit built for fast e-bikes. 350 Watts of power it supports the rider up to 28MPH
The advanced 3-sensor system detects torque, cadence and speed 1000 times per second.

Yamaha PWX - this is the new Yamaha system for off-road riding. The new compact and more powerful Yamaha PWX motor wad designed and developed for demanding eperformance use. In comparison to the PW, its weight was reduced by nearly 400g to 3.1 kg, as well as its size, which was reduced by 13%. An additional support level provides more power all the way up to high cadence ranges of 120 revs per minute. Despite having torque of up to 80NM, the PWX proves smooth, more silent and more natural riding experience. All rotating parts have been optimized with a focus on weight reduction. As a result of the lower inertia caused by this weight reduction, these parts can move with greater efficiency relative to the input from your pedals. Combined with the refined freewheel design which creates a rapid engagement of the cranks, the result is a significantly more responsive motor, which provides a new level of a natural riding feel.

Yamaha PW- Proven, powerful and reliable motor. Thanks to its Zero-cadence system, it supports the rider from the first revolution of the crank. As one of the few center engines avaialble allowing for a dual chainring, the Yamaha system is able to offer a broad range of gears providing more gear options out on the trails. Given its high maximum torque of up to 80N, its compact size and its low noise, the PW is one of the best ebike systems for sporty use.

Yamaha PW-DE - the SE series inherits all the popular features of the first gen PW but with improved cadence. Instead of 100 rpm the system now comes with 110 rpm as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

MRS- Modular Rail System. Haibike's patented MRS allows various accessories to be attached to the bike quickly and easily. A fastening rail is integrated into the upper side of the down tube and allows a drinking bottle or bag to be mounted in any desired position. This means the tools you need during a trip a re always within reach. We use the magnetic mounting system from FidLock, which guarantees a small frame thank to its minimalist design. Perfect for long trips.

Range Extender
Modular rail system is perfect for long trips allowing you to add an additional battery to your bike up to 500Wh, doubling your range in a few simple steps.

Modular Rail System Rail Lock
Low weight and amazing flexibility make the RailLock a perfect security solution for your e-bike. The separately available plug-in cables and chains make the RailLock an effective anti-theft device that can bge combined with any MRS accessory.

Carry Pack - a cary pack is also offered by Haibike, fitted to the rail system.

Bottle - a bottle is mounted on the MRS frame via the magnetic FidLock system for easy operation and a secure hold. The bottle can be mounted on any frame with MRS and has 22 ounces of capacity.

INTUBE Battery Concept IBC

The new Bosch Powertube Battery offers a high degree of integration styling and functionality.

BOSCH Powertube System United States Release Timing

Aw yea FINALLY Bosch has produced an internal battery system for their widely popular mid-drive ebike system. Only problem is.... IT'S NOT OUT YET here in the good old USA. That's right, as of this blog post, if you want to own a new Haibike, Corratec, Cube or other brand of ebike that is talking about and showing the Bosch POWERTUBE ebike battery system in their models you'll need to wait until around summer time of 2018 before you get that brand new ebike you're eyballing on our web site.

 haibike sduro fullseven 9.0 ebike

Ebikes like the Haibike SDURO Fullseven 9.0 or the Haibike XDURO (ALLTN) All Mountain 10.0won't be shipping to any dealer until this time due in part to the fact that the BOSCH batteries take more time to get approved by the US consumer safety people before they can be allowed for sale here.

Now, depending on when you are reading this, we still recommend you get on the ball and get your order in sooner rather than later for any POWERTUBE system you have your eyeballs set on if you really want one in 2018. Reason being, I predict they will sell out by the time they ship and start to get scarce. In fact it could be we miss seeing them in 2018 at all if things get delayed further.

Now- if you don't want to wait that long, just get a regular system. We have plenty of great new ebikes with the standard battery and note this "older" system is going to be around for a long, long time and the price of spare batteries is certain to go down quickly.

But, if you still want "hidden power" and don't want to wait, then we highly recommend some of the new Moustache ebikes which use the standard Bosch powerpack and hide it inside the frame quite nicely with no summer time delay. See those here in our Moustache Ebike Page.