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Ready for 2019? We are! Haibike's American market 2019 models are ready for previewing and pre-ORDERING! Shipments of 2019 models will be taking place over the next 6 months so get your order in now. Some of the models from 2019 are actually carry overs from 2018 so we have some 2019 in stock now! Others will begin to trickle in by December. Stop by our store in San Francisco and Redwood City to preview.

For 2019, Haibike has moved almost exclusively to the BOSCH POWERTUBE system for it's full-suspension models. Additionally, the US market will get almost no hard tail offroad ebikes. Meanwhile Haibike continues strongly with the Yamaha mid-drive system on many of their off-road, touring and commute ebikes. We like it!