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Electric mountain biking has created a whole new category of biking fun. With the weight of a bicycle, but the assist to help you enjoy the time spent going up hill, as much as the time spent going down hill! Electric mountain bikes are there for any one who likes to get back up the hill a little faster and with a little less stress than by regular bike. And why not? It's not a race. We ride for enjoyment and e-bikes are making mountain biking a little more enjoyable for a few more riders.
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M1 Sterzing GT E-Bike - S-Pedalec M1 Spitzing Evolution E-Bike - Pedalec M1 Spitzing Evolution E-Bike - S-Pedalec
M1 Sterzing CC E-Bike - S-Pedalec M1 Spitzing Evolution E-Bike - R-Pedalec M1 Spitzing Plus E-Bike
M1 Spitzing Plus E-Bike
List Price: $9,500.00
Our Price: $9,200.00
Savings: $300.00

M1 Spitzing E-Bike - Electric Bike
M1 Spitzing E-Bike - R-Pedalec 45MPH
Our Price: $10,800.00