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E-Bike Adventures - experience one of our e-bikes for a daily rental around San Francisco and Silicon Valley, a day tour or a multi-day e-bike adventure tour through National Parks and Scenic trails.

E-bike Rental pick-ups in San Francisco & Redwood City. Rent by the day or week! Rent high-quality BOSCH, Yamaha or Shimano powered e-bikes that will amaze you and make for the perfect journey.

There is nothing like exploring California by e-bike! Climb our hills with ease, ride further and more comfortably and see San Francisco and the rest of California close and personal in the seat of a bicycle.

Call 650-918-6259 to start your adventure or try our new reservation system below.

Why Ride With Us?

  • Ride faster and further without getting tired out!
  • Climb those view-rewarding San Francisco hills without breaking a sweat.
  • Explore the most memorable paths and trails California has to offer
  • We offer only the best quality European e-bikes for rent for a memorable experience.
  • Two convenient starting locations to choose from.
  • Rent before you buy! Many renters end up buying a new ebike from us too.
  • Explore California on your own or with one of our e-bike tours