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We ride them and live them and when we're done riding and living with them we dream about them and talk about them and sell them. Ebikes are life-changing and one day we'll all look back and wonder how we got along without them.

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Bosch Battery Port Terminal Cover BLIX PACKA Electric Cargo Bike Yamaha Wabash Electric Bike - motostrano
Bosch Kiox Control Unit M1 Spitzing Evolution E-Bike - Pedalec M1 Spitzing Evolution E-Bike - S-Pedalec
M1 Spitzing Evolution E-Bike - R-Pedalec TrioBike - Taxi - Electric Bike TrioBike - Cargo Big - Electric Bike
TrioBike - Cargo R Bike TrioBike - Cargo S Bike TrioBike - Cargo P - Bike
TrioBike - Boxter E Electric Cargo Bike TrioBike- Boxter Cargo Bike TrioBike - Mono E - Electric Cargo Bike
TrioBike Mono - Electric Cargo Bike Fuji Conductor 2.1+ ST Electric Bike Fuji E-TRAVERSE EVO 1.1 Electric Bike
Fuji E-CROSSTOWN Electric Bike Fuji SANIBEL Electric Bike Fuji E-TRAVERSE EVO 1.1 Electric Bike
Fuji E-TRAVERSE EVO 1.1 Electric Bike Fuji E-NEVADA 29 1.1  Electric Bike Bosch KIOX Display Unit
M1 Spitzing Plus E-Bike BLIX Sol Electric Cruiser Bike Felt SURPLUS E-50 electric mountain bike
M1 Spitzing Plus E-Bike
List Price: $9,500.00
SALE: $9,200.00
Savings: $300.00

Felt SURPLUS E-50 electric mountain bike
List Price: $3,699.00
SALE: $2,000.00
Savings: $1,699.00
trioBike Cargo S Bike trioBike Cargo P Bike trioBike Cargo E Electric Bike
trioBike Cargo S Bike
SALE: $3,499.00
trioBike Cargo P Bike
SALE: $3,499.00

The Best Electric Bikes In The World

"Considering motorization trends, e-bikes disrupt car use and will continue to have large influence."Christopher Cherry, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville

We Stock E-Bikes

We believe e-bikes are the best short-haul commuting solution on the market. Go anywhere, park anywhere, no license, no insurance. Ride on pillows of air in peace and quiet and be in the place you are. We carry the best and most reliable e-bikes available to consumers. Our store has a heavy focus on e-bikes, but more than that, we are a full service bike shop with expert mechanical and service experience for both standard and electric bicycles, equally. This is a big differentiator for us vs other shops around- we know all aspects of e-bikes and we know all aspects of standard bikes, not just a little of one or the other. We ride them. We sell them. We work on them.