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Based on the steering motor that has been produced a million times for the car industry, BROSE has perfected a drive concept for high-quality eBikes over the years. Nearly silent and vibration-free, the gear motor produced entirely in Germany entices with strength and smoothness. Both powerful and harmonious, the motor supplies the perfect pedaling support. With the seamless and uncompromising frame design, the motor integrates perfectly into all BULLS eBikes. One strength of the state-of-the-art BROSE drive is that only that it is inconspicuous, but also helps lower the center of gravity to help with maneuvering the eBike. Aggressive when desired, the 350 watt unit will accelerate with 90Nm of torque. A high-quality durable design kept at a minimal weight.

Rechargeable Battery
The merger of a rechargeable battery and frame is among the highlights of the BULLS eBikes. Perfectly integrated, the high performance battery packs seem to disappear in the E-Stream EVO models. With up to 650W hours, the rechargeable IPU EVO batteries which can be charged both on the bike and externally, are the most enduring type in the market. More and more mountain-bikers will wonder why they were simply left behind.

Attached to the handlebars and taking up a minimum space, the latest CSI display is one of the most attractive new features of the BULLS eBikes. It provides well-structured information of the riding data and is synced with the control unit. It leaves the center of the cockpit free for navigation devices or smartphones, which can be charged via the CSI display as well. CI, which is the traditional display version with handlebar mount, is equipped with trekking eBIKE.