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Sea Otter Classic Ebike Race Friday April 15 Sponsored by Haibike

Sea Otter Classic Ebike Race Friday April 15 Sponsored by Haibike

2016 will be the year ebikes make their whopping KER-PLUNK in the United States. There is so much going on, between a near endless supply of high quality electric mountain and road and every other kind of bike coming on to the scene, to multiple stores and tours and riding enthusiast groups emerging, to a nationwide tour and Expo extravaganza and now a full blown EMTB Race at the 2016 Sea Otter Classic in Monterrey California

Motostrano has a vested interest in seeing the technology, the design and the riders push these bikes to their limits both in technology, but also in fun-factor. Motostrano has also long been involved in national and international racing events through our pioneering work in the Supermoto arena. Now- we take a dive into the growing sport of EMTB Racing with a our own riders and support for our own customers.

This race is all about fun, performance and promoting this new and great sport for riders of all ages and skill levels. Get involved. Get a bike. Sign up and race for the ride of a lifetime at the Sea Otter Classic 2016!

Firstly, get a great electric mountain bike at one of our stores. Secondly, register at the Sea Otter web site. Thirdly, bring your bike in to our service department and ready up for the race. Customers competing in this year's EMTB races will receive one free pre-race pro-level tune-up and one post-race pro-level tune up when you reference our store as your sponsor. If you don't have a bike yet, you can earn $200 off the price tag when you buy your bike for the purpose of this race. Lastly, our preferred gear and clothing manufacturer is Alpinestars for riding gear and Lazer for head protection. See our store for discounts and deals on race wear for the day.

Race Day: Friday April 14 4PM to 5PM

For more information, contact Joe Witherspoon, 650-918-6259.

Recommended brands for this event: Haibike, Felt, Cube, BH EasyMotion and iZIP. Recommended drive systems: BOSCH Performance, BOSCH Performance CX, Yamaha, Shimano


New to Sea Otter - a competitive eMTB race! Yes, eMTB  racing on the "swale." The 2016 Haibike eMTB Race epowered by Bosch race route will offer a few road descents, single track trails, a challenging distance, and a bit of climbing. The race is time-based – 60 minutes in duration – a hybrid between short track and cross country. As a reminder, eBikes are considered motorized vehicles and are not permitted on Fort Ord National Monument trails or roadways.
START/FINISH Location is near the Dual Slalom on the "swale."
Men's eMTB Categories 
15-18 Men
19-29 Men
30-39 Men
40-49 Men
50-59 Men
60+ Men
Women's eMTB Categories 
15-18 Women
19-29 Women
30-39 Women
40-49 Women
50-59 Women
60+ Women
  1. Helmets are mandatory for all Sea Otter Classic events.
  2. Participants in the Haibike eMTB Race epowered by Bosch ride at their own risk. Participants waive all legal claims of third parties and to the organizers and also confirms with their signature that they trained and are healthy. Appropriate insurance policies are the responsibility of participants. This event is not sanctioned/permitted by USA Cycling.
  3. Sea Otter Classic reserves the right to add subsequent amendments to the Rules.
  4. Only eMTBs (pedelec), with supportive pedal power to a maximum of 20 mph and a maximum output of 350 watts are allowed (this will be tested in samples after the finish).
  5. Tuned eMTBs are excluded from the competition.
  6. A change of batteries is not permitted. The batteries must be sealed with an appropriate label.
  7. The eMTBs must be technically in perfect condition. All participants’ bikes will be inspected at race start and must pass inspection prior to racing.
  8. Technical assistance from the outside during the race is not allowed.
  9. Leaving the Laguna Seca marked trails is prohibited. eBikes are not permitted on the Fort Ord National Monument, or in any other Sea Otter Classic event.
  10. No refund, transfer, or roll-over of race registration.
PLEASE NOTE: Any pedal assist eBike with unlimited pedal assistance (i.e. motor assists at speeds above 20 mph) is deemed to be a moped or motorbike, and is therefore not allowed to participate in the eMTB race.
  • All  categories entry fee: $55. (Add $20 after 11:59 p.m. PST on March 28, 2016.)
  • Sorry, absolutely no refunds, transfers, or rollovers of race registration permitted. No exceptions.
  • Wednesday, noon to 8 p.m.
  • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • No race-day registration—no exceptions. (Pre-registered athletes may pick up their packets on the day of their race.)
  • eMTB race field is limited to 500 riders (all categories). In the case of small fields, the categories/classes may be combined.
  • Only eMTBs with supportive pedal power (pedal assist) to a maximum of 20 mph and a maximum output of 350 watts are allowed in this race.
  • eMTBs must pass technical inspection prior to race start. Inspection will be located near the race start on the swale.
  • No race-day registration. You must register no later than 8 p.m. the day prior to your race day.
  • This race is NOT USA Cycling sanctioned - no license is needed.
  • Online registration only through April 10, 2016, 11:59 p.m.
  • On-site registration begins at noon on April 13, 2016.
  • No phoned, faxed, or mailed race registrations will be accepted.
  • Entries are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Race numbers must be picked up in person and you must present a valid photo ID.
  • Prior to April 10, 2016, requests for event changes and for category changes within an event, will be complimentary and can be done by emailing You will be responsible for any increase in entry fee. There will be no refunds for a reduction in entry fees.
  • Beginning April 13, 2016, requests for event changes and for category changes within an event, will only be accepted on-site at registration. (Registration opens at noon on April 13.) A $10 fee will be charged for each event change, and you will also be responsible for any increase in entry fee. There will be no refunds for a reduction in entry fees.
  • Pre-ride/course inspection is available on all courses beginning Thursday, April 14, at 8 a.m.
  • You must have your race number on your bike to pre-ride/inspect the eMTB course.
  • ANSI -or Snell-approved helmets are required for all events.
  • All participants must sign a waiver/release form at registration. A parent or guardian who is present on-site must sign for participants under 18 years old.
  • Race numbers may not be cut, folded, altered, or defaced in any way. If they are, the athlete will be disqualified and fined.
  • Please verify start times and other critical event details when checking in at registration.
  • All information is subject to change. Please check this website frequently.
  • Click here for age group, start times, and distance. 
  • Awards presentations will be held on the main Awards Stage for each category of race as that category finishes, and after the top three awards results are made final.
  • Preliminary results. All preliminary race results will be posted on or near the Main Awards Stage. Preliminary results will be posted within fifteen minutes of competition.
  • Protests. For protest rules and regulations, click here. Any protests must be filed with a designated protest official within fifteen minutes of preliminary-results posting. No protests/changes/edits to race results will occur after the designated protest period. No exceptions.
  • Complete final race results will be posted online at by 11:59 p.m. of that race day.
  • All podium winners (top three in each racing category) will receive a commemorative Sea Otter Classic medal.
  • Podium winners may receive merchandise from various Sea Otter sponsors.
  • Athletes must be in attendance at the Awards Ceremony to receive their prizes. Awards will not be mailed; no exceptions.
  • Download the awards schedule here

Got dogs?

Sorry, dogs are not allowed in the festival, including the racing areas.
This policy will be strictly enforced. 

Sea Otter Classic and the Bureau of Land Management

The Standard of Private-Public Partnerships

The Bureau of Land Management welcomes you to the Fort Ord National Monument, Fort Ord Public Lands, and the Monterey Peninsula. When training for competitive events, please share the trail and yield to other users. And as a reminder, eBikes are considered motorized vehicles, and are not allowed on Fort Ord National Monument trails or roadways.

As the premier conservation agency in the United States, the BLM sustains the health, diversity, and productivity of public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. The BLM asks that you tread lightly on the land when you train for and compete in the Sea Otter Classic.

To preserve these trails at Fort Ord for future users, please:
  • ride only on marked trails;
  • do not ride or brake on open terrain;
  • do not cut across switchbacks; and
  • do not use trails when they are wet or muddy.
To learn more about these spectacular lands, contact the BLM at (831) 394-8314.
We hope you enjoy your visit!


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