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YAMAHA Ebike Systems - What you Can Expect

On the heels of the popular BOSCH ebike system, YAMAHA is making their debut in the United States on the HAIBIKE ebike platform and brand and MOTOSTRANO is representing this package to riders in the California region. 
We've ridden the system. We like the system. It's main benefit, besides the promise of being extremely reliable and nearly as powerful as the BOSCH set-up is the reduced price. Where the standard price of a BOSCH system started at $4,000, the starting price for a YAMAHA equipped Haibike now pops in at $2500 for a basic hybrid or mountain bike. That's a lot of savings and you're still riding on 2 great brands: Yamaha and Haibike. 
About it. The Yamaha employs a mid-drive system like the BOSCH. There are two main advantages in center mount type units. First, the gears originally equipped to the bicycle can be utilized as a part of e-Bike systems, allowing for optimal motor performance. Second is weight distribution. Centralization of mass leads to a natural weight balance while riding and while stopped, retaining the superior weight distribution of a bicycle.
Yamaha says they have succeeded in developing one of the world's smallest and lightest drive units. This involves the direct transmission of the motor power to the crankshaft, providing for a minimal exterior design.
The high-power motor has ample amounts of low-down torque, making electrical assist on hills and gravel roads – under the hardest of conditions - extremely powerful.

The triple sensor system

The triple sensor system
A triple sensor system is used to check what power needs to be delivered and when. The "triple sensor" system is what holds the product concept of "smooth and powerful" in place. The three sensors are the: 1. a torque sensor that detects pedaling power, 2. a speed sensor that detects the bicycle's speed, and 3. a crank sensor that detects the number of rotations through pedaling. By equipping the three sensors to the unit, the rider is supported by continuous assistance under every riding condition. The constant assist is what allows the "smooth and powerful" concept to come alive during the ride. The torque sensor has great response, resulting in an optimal assist timing through fine-tuning the motor control.

Design and Ergonomics

There are two types of main display systems available. The LED 3-way digital display main switch and the LCD multi function Drive Controller.
The LCD multi function Drive Controller is designed for and has the specs to satisfy all forms of riding.
The newly adopted vertical display makes information such as remaining assist distance highly visible. Attachment is also ergonomically designed, with the display on the center of the handle bars and switches adjacent to the hands. The display can be controlled without taking your hands off the handle bars, resulting in a safer rode, and smoother control of the switch.

Easy to use in any scene

One of the design philosophies of the PWseries, in addition to the "smooth and powerful" concept, is "ease of use". This is reflected on the design of the main switch. The LCD multi function Drive Controller is equipped with the following functions.

By pressing the "Pushing assist switch", an appropriate level of assist for walking is available.
The display can be removed to prevent theft.For sport-riding oriented riders that monitor their cadence while riding, a cadence meter is available. The unit is designed to provide satisfaction to riders of all types, including those with a strong inclination towards "riding quality".

Selecting the Assist Modes

ModeAssistance pofile
HighProvides a constant and powerful assistance. Perfect for riding uphill.
STDSatisfies both power and cruising range. Recommended for daily use.
ECOSaves energy for an extended cruising range. Best used when cruising on a flat road.
+ECORange of +Eco mode will be approximately 30% longer than Eco mode.
OFF*Allows you to ride without power assist while switch functions remain enabled.
* The OFF mode is available only on the LCD display
Four assist modes (or five, including 0 assist) are available so that the optimum assist level can be selected according to use. The Assist Mode can be selected with ease by using the switch.

Select where you load your battery pack from 2 locations

The battery pack employs a large capacity cell (highest spec available) compared to prior models. Being a lithium-ion battery, it lasts long, and over-charging does not detract from the battery's recharging functions.
The battery pack can also be attached to the following places – on the down tube, or on the rear carrier. The battery pack can be recharged without being removed from the bicycle when placed on the down tube or rear carrier.
With these two variations, bicycle manufacturers have increased freedom of design, allowing more models to equip the assist system. The PWseries is designed to cater to a variety of bicycle types, from commuters, road bikes, mountain bikes, and small-wheeled bicycles.

MODEL YEAR 2016Battery Charger

High Speed Charger
  • Only for down tube and rear carrier battery pack
  • Input voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • 2016 model has 46% smaller volume than 2015 model.
Mode2015 Model2016 Model
High Speed Charger
High Speed Charger

Safety Information

This battery charger can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the battery charger in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
Children shall not play with the battery charger.
Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
If the power cable is damaged, stop using the battery charger and have it inspected at an authorized dealer.

Localization for the European Market

The PWseries is a new system that was developed for a perfect European market fit. With a strong focus on the "organic" bicycling feel, the end product is a natural ride for sport-riding bicycle enthusiasts and every-day riders alike.


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