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Race Report: Team DNA Energy Drink

Team DNA Energy Drink/AxiomTV/Shea Racing
finishes second and tenth in MISuperMoto X

Team has largest contingent at event while also participating
in pre-event autograph session at metro Detroit hotspot

Clio, Mich. (August 19, 2008) – Team DNA Energy Drink/AxiomTV/Shea Racing became the heavy hitters at the inaugural MISuperMoto X in Clio, Michigan this past weekend with all three riders competing. With impressive results and the largest private transporter in the pits, the team received significant attention throughout the weekend. Team athlete Johnny Lewis finished second and was on the pole for the supermoto final, while Thomas Bordelon finished tenth. Third rider Mike Ingle competed but was unable to finish the event.

The MISuperMoto X included pro and amateur supermoto racing along with rally cars and dwarf cars, all competing on the same course separately. The supermoto layout was an 80/20 asphalt/dirt split that included a 17-degree banked turn, a large tabletop and triple-tabletop combo in the dirt section, and an infield uphill where riders would jump on the pavement. Fifteen pros competed, many from the national XTRM/AMA Supermoto Championship. According to the promoter, approximately 1,100 fans turned out.

Lewis won his heat race in commanding fashion and was on the pole for the 15-lap Supermoto Final. He holeshot the race and led for the first five laps, even after crashing in the dirt section. In the dirt, Lewis made a mistake and crashed. He was able to keep the bike running with the clutch pulled in, hopping back on it from the rear like a cowboy jumps on a horse, and re-passing two riders for the lead. This feat got a big roar from the crowd. Danny Casey would eventually overtake Lewis but he never left him alone finishing only one second behind. Even though this was not a national championship round, Lewis’ ride was impressive with nearly 10 national pros competing on various sizes of bikes.

“This was a fun track to ride and it was also one of the safest tracks of the year,” said Lewis. “With the exception of a couple regular AMA Lites riders, this was basically a national event and I was happy to get second riding my back-up bike. After the heat race, my front tire needed to be replaced and we didn’t have time to change it before the main so we threw on my rain slick that was already on a wheel. While not ideal to run on dry asphalt, we made the best of it and held on for second. The promoter Dave Duprey and his crew did an awesome job all weekend keeping things safe and providing an exciting track for fans.”

Lewis is currently ranked second with 40 points in the three-race Doug Henry Hard Charger Award, presented by Yamaha. He is five points out of first place and five points ahead of third. The final event is round three of the AMA series this Sunday, August 24.

Bordelon started towards the back of the grid in the final and ended up crashing in the dirt section. But he didn’t give up. Dead last, Bordelon picked off four riders to finish tenth in the main providing another show for fans to watch.

“After having an electrical problem with my bike, I didn’t know what to expect or if I would even ride,” said Bordelon. “Thanks to a local rider we were able to make a quick fix and run the race. It was awesome to come to Michigan and put in a good showing for the team. With this being my first full season in supermoto, all the race time I can get with other pros is invaluable.”

Ingle flew in from his home in Texas to compete in the MISuperMoto X. Riding his KTM560 against many 250cc machines on the tight track he finished well in his heat race. Ingle started towards the back in the main and ended up pulling off after a mechanical.

Team Manager Tim Shea said, “It made sense to participate in the MISuperMoto X and put it in our budget, being between the Connecticut and Wisconsin AMA rounds. We want to support supermoto and it provided our team significant exposure among the Michigan fans not only at the track but also during the autograph session Johnny and Thomas participated at in Royal Oak.”

Prior to the MISuperMoto X, both Bordelon and Lewis signed autographs at metro Detroit hotspot, Memphis Smoke restaurant. With the race bikes inside and the team transporter and trailer on Main Street, it provided more exposure for the event, supermoto, the riders, and the team. That night more than 300 sport bike riders were out in Royal Oak during their weekly Sport Bike Night.

The next stop for Team DNA Energy Drink/AxiomTV/Shea Racing is round three of the XTRM/AMA Supermoto Championship at USA International Raceway in Shawano, Wis. on Sunday, August 24. Fans be sure to stop by the team truck for Citrus-flavored DNA Energy Drink and check out videos on the
flat-screen TV.

About Team DNA Energy Drink/AxiomTV/Shea Racing

Team DNA Energy Drink/AxiomTV/Shea Racing is a motorcycle race team dedicated to building a championship-winning formula and setting new standards for independent teams with an extensive marketing program. Athletes Johnny Lewis and Thomas Bordelon compete in the Lites Class while Mike Ingle and Tim Shea are in the Unlimited Class of the XTRM/AMA Supermoto Championship. The team is made possible by DNA Energy Drink, AxiomTV, Dubach Racing Development (DRD), Fly Racing, NSS Footwear, Shoei (Johnny Lewis), Utopia (Johnny Lewis), Ogio, Gaerne, RG3, ProTaper, Beringer Brake Systems (Johnny Lewis), Silkolene (Johnny Lewis), Twin Air, Acerbis, Ride Engineering, Wiseco, Maxima Racing Lubricants, Kicker, Pro Moto Billet/Fastway, Vortex Sprockets, Pit Posse, Out Law Racing, East Coast Wheels, Motostrano, Fluidyne PowerSports, PowerBar, Moto Option Clothing, ASV Inventions, Scott Power Sports (Johnny Lewis), Victory Circle Graphix, Regina Chains, Motion Pro, Universal Engineering, Supermoto Pro, Engine Ice, V.I.O., Dunlop, JM Racing, Access Media Lab, Park Tools USA, VPE Racing (Johnny Lewis), Pro, Pro Clean 1000, Bonehead Graphics, and Fitness Anywhere, Visit us at to participate in our monthly fan giveaway and receive AxiomTV movie download discounts.

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