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Ten Year Old Starting Petition to Change Helmet Law

Boise, Idaho -- A motorcycle accident took the life of a Boise man last week and now his 10-year old daughter is on a campaign to change Idaho's helmet law. The Chapman Family says their father and husband would be enjoying his daily routine today had he been wearing head protection. Emily Chapman is now adamant about requiring bikers to wear helmets, so she's starting a petition drive to try and change state law. "They had to do more operations to stop the swelling, they had to open up his head," said Julie Chapman, who lost her husband in the motorcycle accident. Julie describes how they tried to save her 43-year-old husband, Shane, this past weekend.She says Shane was riding his motorcycle last Thursday night on Fairview, east of Maple Grove.
Boise Police confirm a car pulled out of the Pop-eye's Fried Chicken parking lot trying to turn left when Shane was approaching. "When she pulled out, he lost control, trying not to run into her. He flipped as he tried to lay down the bike and it catapulted him," said Julie. Shane was not wearing a helmet. The Chapman's say he died from massive trauma to the brain. Married for 15 years, Julie now has to make funeral arrangements and tell her youngest the devastating news. "Katy is only 4. She doesn't understand where her dad is, she'll never know her dad," said Julie. Emily, 10, is starting a petition to change the current Idaho law requiring bikers to wear helmets. "I'm going to send it in to the governor and see what he does. If it doesn't work, I'll keep doing it," said Emily.

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just1and1only said…
Katy most likely you will receive a lot of opposition from wanting a helmet law in Idaho. I am a motorcycle rider and I believe in helmets and wear one always! I do not believe that there should be a law that I have to wear one we have enough laws on the books already and people need to take some responsibility for them selfs it is a riders responsibility to make right decisions like going to stars motorcycle classes and educating them selfs on the responsible motorcycle riding. I believe that people must make right decisions and that comes from reading articles about what happens when you don't wear a helmet and get into and accident. I wear a helmet not because I have to but because it is a wise thing to do. After I read about your fathers accident it reassured me why I wear a helmet. If I was you I would turn the corner to educating people on the reasons why they need to wear a helmet. You have a true life situation it is sad that your father is no longer with us. There are a lot of men/woman that are very selfish not wearing a helmet that have families either by being a father/mother or brother/sister they need to hear about your grief that came from your fathers unwise and selfish decision to ride without a helmet. I wear a helmet because I read about stories like yours and that is where I get education from. Wright articles and publish them in magazines ,newspapers, get a booth at the outdoor fairs in the park during the summer be pro active you can get money to fund these activities through motorcycle clubs, hospitals and fund raisers, educating people saves life's. Educate the motorcycle and scooter riders they need to hear about what it feels like being the one that no longer has that person in there life to love hold and share things with. Your tragedy can save life's you just need to use it and continue to bring it to people attention. Don't let people forget about the loss that comes with losing your father from his bad and selfish decision not to wear a helmet.

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