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About Motostrano's Ebike Service and Repair Services

Taking care of your e-bike is important for the life of the bike and the life if you, the rider. When we sell you a bike we include a free tune-up at our stores in California.

Bike Assembly. When your bike comes to our facility from the manufacturer we assemble and build the bike to be in rideable condition per the manufactures specifications. The amount of time we invest in your bike to build it depends on the complexity of the model, whether it might be a high grade eMountain bike or a more simple cruiser. Assembly typically takes us 1-2 hours including everything we do on a standard e-bike. Note- if you did not buy your bike from our store and you bought it online or from an outside vendor, we do offer bike assembly service for a fee. If you buy your bike from our store, your bike's assembly is included in the sale of the bike.

Motostrano includes 2 Certified E-Bike Tune-ups with Each New E-Bike (valued at $100 each) we sell and we highly recommend you take advantage of our service department to ensure the working order and safety of your bicycle. Free tune-ups are not included in demo and used bikes, nor any ebike that we did not sell. A lot is riding on your ebike….you! Make sure it's in good working order.

Please allow 1-4 business days during regular season for your tune-up to take place. Same day or while you wait service is normally not possible due to the popularity of our service center. Appointments can some times be arranged with enough advance notice.

First Tune. Your first tune-up is called the “break-in” or Safety Tune-up. The purpose of this service is to ensure that your e-bike is settling into service well and that the main points of the e-bike that unwind themselves after first use are checked and adjusted. This includes your spokes, brakes, cranks, and just about all of your bolts and nuts. This should be done within the first 300 miles of use so that we can identify any faults that may result from manufacturing or set-up. As your bike is likely still new, you won’t have any firmware updates to accept, but we can also check how your drive system is functioning by looking at in the diagnostic system. We can see here how your battery use is happening any how your power usage affects your bike’s ultimate riding range under assist and we can make recommendations about how to extend your range.

Things we check here are

  • Visual Inspection
  • Safety vitals inpection
  • Motor and battery mounts
  • Crank Bolts
  • Chainring Bolts
  • Pedals, lubricate
  • Seat & Seatpost Bolts
  • Stem & Handlebar Bolts, headset
  • Brakes, brake discs
  • Wheels Bolts and Quick Release
  • Brake Fixing Bolts
  • Spokes and wheel alignment
  • Tire pressure and tire wear
  • Derailleurs
  • Address any early abnormalities, squeaks, adjustments
  • Identify any areas of improvement: ergonomics, stems, pedals
  • Test Ride

Second Tune.

Your second tune-up is your yearly tune-up and we recommend you bring your bike to us at least once per year if you use your bike regularly.

Your second tune will include the items listed above in your first tune, with the added focus on the following:

  • Basic clean and detail
  • Wheels, true and adjust
  • Stem & Handlebar Bolts, headset
  • Remove motor and inspect all mount bolts
  • Connect to diagnostics tool and upgrade firmware if available
  • Inspect Frame for Cracks or Damage
  • Remove, Clean & Lubricate Pedals
  • Remove and Clean Wheels
  • Remove and Clean Right Crank
  • Lube Chain
  • Add Grease to Hubs and Adjust Bearings
  • Inflate Tires
  • Oil Freewheel Body
  • Oil Quick Release Levers and Install Skewers with Grease
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket
  • Remove and Grease Stem Bolt & Wedge
  • Tighten All Accessory Nuts & Bolts
  • Resurface Brake Padsif Disc Brakes: Clean, Inspect and Align Rotors
  • Check Cable Housing and Cut to Ideal Length if needed
  • Lubricate All Cables
  • Align Rear Derailleur Hanger
  • Check and clean all speed, torque and cadence sensors
  • Adjust Derailleurs
  • Adjust Brakes
  • Clean and Align Reflectors
  • Test Ride

Ebike Warranty Information

Ebike Warranty Information

All of our new ebikes come with a manufacturer parts warranty which starts at the date of purchase and is valid for the specified time frame provided for each manufacturer. This time frame varies from 1 year to 5 years, depending on the manufacturer. BOSCH related products have a standard 2 year parts-only warranty. Check with your bike's owners manual or the manufacturer directly for specifics regarding the details covered of your bike's warranty.

Always retain a copy of your sales receipt, bike information and serial number so that you can refer to these when a warranty claim in required. A

Any warranty excludes any wear and tear items such as tubes, chains, tires, brake pads, cables.

Your bike is sold with a manufacturer warranty only and in general most manufacturers warranties cover only the parts associated with the warranty and do not cover any service support related to diagnosing the problem, filing of the warranty claim, shipping of warranty parts back and forth and installing of any warranty parts. Any service performed by Motostrano for any warranty related work is billed at our standard shop rates to the owner of the e-bike.

Unless otherwise specified by a specific service package product, Motostrano charges standard shop rates for all service, installation, repair, diagnostics and claim filing for your bike for all warranty parts. These fees are charged on an hourly basis and service is completed on your behalf with your approval.

Here is a menu of service fees:

  • Hourly Service Fee $100/hour
  • E-Bike Tune-Up $129
  • E-Bike Diagnostic $35
  • E-Bike Warranty Claim $35
  • Parts Shipment $10-$30 depending on weight
  • Flat Repair $10 for tube, $10 for install

New for 2016- Motostrano now offers a comprehensive V.I.P Complete Service Package that includes warranty repair for a fee of $200.

This VIP Service Package includes:

  • Free Tune-ups
  • Free Warranty Repair
  • Free Diagnostics
  • Free Claim Filing
  • Free Flat Repair
  • Free Adjustments
  • Free Accessory Installs
  • Same Day Turn-around (where possible)
* Our VIP Complete Service Package can be purchased up to 30 days from the date of purchase of your bike and is valid for 2 years for e-bikes and 1 year for Scooters.
Electric Bicycles and Cargo Bikes

The Latest E-Bike Technology

With a vibrant catalog, two retail outlets in the San Francisco Bay Area and trained technicians providing electric bike service- Motostrano offers the largest selection and best service for electric bicycles on the West Coast. Each of our stores carry the best e-bikes made, so that when you visit our store you can make an informed decision and take home a great new bike that is properly tuned and ready for service and fun.

Our two stores are e-bike service centers designed to get your bike on the road quick whenever it needs to come in for a tune or repair.

"Considering motorization trends, e-bikes disrupt car use and will continue to have large influence."
Christopher Cherry, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville

With the cost of owning and operating a car taking its toll on all of us, the latest technology in electric bicycles is making
electric bikes a viable transportation alternative for many commuters and recreational riders.

Our e-bike catalog is based on the best products available, backed by the best warranties and customer service available.

We test each and every bike we sell and our experienced bicycle technicians regularly build and service electric bikes.

We offer only the brands and products that we feel meet our high standards of reliability, performance, price and style.

Supermoto Parts Specialists
  Motostrano Shipping Options

We ship orders worldwide via multiple carriers.

Motostrano ships orders world wide using UPS and USPS (postal service). Some bicycles ship by FedEX.

  • Please use our web site for all shipping quotes and pricing.
  • If a shipping method isn't listed, it is not offered.
  • All shipments will include full invoice value for international deliveries.
  • Felt bicycles may NOT be shipped.
  • Motostrano ships all orders from our Redwood City, California location.
  • Redwood City is located between San Jose and San Francisco on the West Coast.
  • Shipping times vary to your address depending on where you are.
  • All orders are shipped fully insured
  • IMPORTANT: All orders valued over $200 are shipped signature required, no exceptions
  • Orders shipped from our facility in California receive a tracking number by email.
  • Orders are typically processed and shipped normally within 1-3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays)
  • Wheels, supermoto conversion kits and special order items require 2-3 weeks lead time to ship
  • If one or more items on your order are back ordered, we will ship partial orders and follow-on orders at no additional cost
  • Shipping fees are non-refundable
  • Customer returns and exchange shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer
  • To estimate a shipping cost to anywhere in the world, simply add the items you wish to order to your shopping cart, type in your shipping address and review your shipping costs.
  • Motostrano ships orders all over the world. We do not, however, track or inform you of any import duty fees your country may charge you for importing goods from another country. It is your responsibility to contact your local import offices to verify any duties your country may hold you responsible. These import fees can be very high.
  • Local customers may also elect to have their orders ready for pick-up at our location in Redwood City
Supermoto Specialists
  Supermoto Specialists

Motostrano has been the "go to" people for Supermoto for 11 years and we're proud of our history and support for this sport. Ever since way back in the day, we've been supplying supermoto parts for all kinds of riders and racers from the beginner to the pro and we enjoy sharing our knowledge and products.

We know our products and we ensure fitment of everything we sell.
We take much of the mystery out of getting into supermoto and building your dream bike.
We offer parts for the beginner and seasoned professional racer.
We ship products world wide.
We offer competitive prices.
We sell only the best products available.

How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information. You can phone our main store location in Redwood City at 650-918-6259. You may also email us at And of course, just drop by any of our physical locations during regular old business hours.