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Electric Bicycles and Cargo Bikes
The Latest E-Bike Technology

With a vibrant web catalog and two retail outlets in the San Francisco Bay Area- Motostrano offers the largest selection of electric bicycles on the West Coast. But that's not all- not only do we stock and sell all these great e-bikes, but we work on them too. Our two stores are e-bike service centers designed to get your bike on the road quick whenever it needs to come in for a tune or repair.

"Considering motorization trends, e-bikes disrupt car use and will continue to have large influence."
Christopher Cherry, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville

With the cost of owning and operating a car taking its toll on all of us, the latest technology in electric bicycles is making
electric bikes a viable transportation alternative for many commuters and recreational riders.

Our e-bike catalog is based on the best products available, backed by the best warranties and customer service available.

We test each and every bike we sell and our experienced bicycle technicians regularly build and service electric bikes.

We offer only the brands and products that we feel meet our high standards of reliability, performance, price and style.
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