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At trioBike we design, develop, produce, manufacture and sell transportation solutions for urban families.
Since 2004 we have given urban families a choice to think alternative; a choice that offers a safe, cool, healthy, non-polluting way to
commute through traffic congested cites around the globe. What could be more obvious?

In Denmark we have been riding bikes forever, not just for fun but for everyday commuting – it is a cultural thing.

Now imagine the impact it would bring, if you made a decision and went for that alternative choice. A survey made in the UK concluded that – every time you strap your child in the car, there is a 62 % chance that the journey you are about to take will be less than 4 km.

Is a trioBike cargo bike going to be your next choice?

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trioBike cargo R - Cargo Bike trioBike mono - Cargo Bike trioBike cargo  - Cargo Bike
trioBike cargo R - Cargo Bike
List Price: $3,900.00
Our Price: 3,200.00
Savings: $700.00
trioBike mono - Cargo Bike
List Price: $3,500.00
Our Price: 2,999.00
Savings: $501.00
trioBike cargo - Cargo Bike
Our Price: 2,800.00

trioBike Cargo Hood trioBike Cargo Flight Case trioBike cargo seat
trioBike Cargo Hood
Our Price: 590.00
trioBike Cargo Flight Case
List Price: $600.00
Our Price: 550.00
Savings: $50.00
trioBike cargo seat
Our Price: 390.00
trioBike Cargo Panels trioBike baby seat trioBike mono shark mouth
trioBike Cargo Panels
Our Price: 280.00
trioBike baby seat
Our Price: 280.00
trioBike mono shark mouth
Our Price: 220.00
trioBike cargo seat trioBike Cargo Flat Cover trioBike mono rain & dust cover
trioBike Hamaz child seat
Our Price: 220.00
trioBike Cargo Flat Cover
Our Price: 220.00
trioBike cargo steering damper trioBike baggage rack trioBike ray – Rear Light
trioBike baggage rack
Our Price: 75.00