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STM Husqvarna 570 630R Slipper Clutch
STM Husqvarna 570 630R Slipper Clutch

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STM Husqvarna 570 630R Slipper Clutch. Fits 2001-2004 570 and 630 2001-2007. Required reading for a life of backing it in effectively without wheel hop and slippage coming out of hot corners. Material: aluminum alloys and special steel Primary spring: Primary spring: 125 mm Evoluzione diaphragm spring code 003SUZ119 Secondary spring: 85 mm Evoluzione spring code 0F3SR540B140006 Basket: a basket for 8 discs is required in order to mount the clutch An STM aluminum basket for 8 disc is available (code 0F3MR260A130030) Features: slipper system - device to control the opening Compatible disc pack: 8 sintered discs The Controlled Engine Braking System (CEB) uses advanced clutch technology bringing new and innovative performance improvements to the rapidly expanding 4-stroke Off-road, Super Moto and ATV markets. All components of this system are produced utilizing the highest quality manufacturing standards-ISO 9002-and Italian craftsmanship by STM. The CEB Clutch System is a unique and highly effective engine-to clutch-to rear wheel power management system; the only one of its kind available anywhere. When the throttle is closed, this triggers the clutch to release and decreases unwanted engine braking. Already in use by top factory riders and teams, it decreases lap times, inhibits engine stalling, increases holeshots and helps create 'neutral' jumping characteristics by decreasing rear wheel drag in 'throttle off' conditions.
  • STM Slipper Clutches for OFF ROAD BIKES
  • All STM Slipper Clutches utilize 'Ball & Ramp' actuation for smooth slipper clutch operation in opening and closing conditions. The Ball & Ramp actuation is the foundation from which all STM clutch platforms are built on. Additionally, all STM Slipper Clutches come with Primary & Secondary springs that have been calibrated for the specific application the clutch is intended for. The weight of both springs chosen by the STM Factory Technicians that come standard with each clutch should be suitable for 90% of riders. One of the outstanding features of STM Slipper Clutches is that they all offer a wide range of adjustability to suit any rider's needs. Both Primary & Secondary springs (weighted in Kilograms) are offered in 10kg increments and sold individually. Riders & engine builders can purchase additional springs of varying weight to find the perfect combination that suits their needs. The STM Off Road Wet Slipper Clutch is specifically designed for wet clutch applications for 250cc & 450cc four-stroke bikes. The clutch uses the cornerstone of STM technology, the 'Ball & Ramp' actuation for smooth slipper clutch operation along with another STM exclusive .. 'FLS', our Forced Lubrication System. The STM 'FLS' - Forced Lubrication System increases the amount of engine oil flowing through the wet clutch, which leads to cooler running temperatures and cleaner conditions thus increasing the performance and longevity of the clutch components. In addition, it uses a 125mm Diaphragm Primary Spring and an 85mm Diaphragm Secondary Spring. By using diaphragm springs in both the primary and secondary .. the Evolution Wet Slipper Clutch offers superior adjustability to suit any riding style and engine modification. The primary spring controls the pressure on the clutch pack during lock up. STM 125mm diaphragm primary springs are weighted in Kilograms and offered in 10Kg increments. There are 13 different weights to choose from (sold individually). Through the use of varying weights, the engine builder can adjust the amount of pressure on the clutch pack to compensate for any engine modifications and subsequent increases in horsepower. The secondary spring is what controls the amount of engine brake. The lighter the secondary spring, the less engine brake; the heavier the secondary spring, the more engine brake. The 85mm diaphragm secondary springs are weighted in Kilograms and offered in 10Kg increments. There are 6 different weights to choose from (sold individually). Through the use of varying weights, the rider can adjust the amount of engine brake desired to fit their individual riding style.

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