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SIDI is one of the best known brands in motorcycle boots worldwide and best made too. Motostrano is a full stocking dealer of SIDI boots and they are one of the top brands of boots we sell. SIDI offers boots for road race, street and off-road racing. At Motostrano you can expect fast shipping of SIDI out of our California location AND you can fully expect Motostrano''s retail store to have SIDI boots for you to try,  buy and ride with on the spot. Expert service in boot selection too.
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SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS Boots SIDI Crossfire SRS Boots SIDI Crossfire TA Boots Sidi Vertigo Carbon Shin Plate
SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS Boots
Our Price: $575.00
SIDI Crossfire SRS Boots
Our Price: $500.00
SIDI Crossfire TA Boots
Our Price: $450.00
Sidi Vertigo Calf System SIDI Supermoto Sole Kit SIDI rossfire Front Shin Plate Sidi Vertigo Nylon Shin Plate
Sidi Vertigo Calf System
Our Price: $60.00
Sidi Vertigo Gray Nylon Shin Plate SIDI Crossfire Calf Protectors Sidi Vertigo Boot Ankle Support Sidi Vertigo Anti-Shock Heel Cup
Sidi Vertigo Ceramic Scuff Pads Sidi Vortice 2011 Calf Tensioner Sidi Vertigo Nylon Scuff Pad SIDI SRS Metal Toe Plate
SIDI SRS Metal Toe Plate
Our Price: $11.00
Sidi Vertigo Nylon Ankle Slider Sidi Vertigo Red Washer Kit
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