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Motostrano prides itself on offering good prices, excellent customer service and fast shipping. Heck, we even answer the phone when you call us during business hours! Further, as an Internet user, we are keenly aware of the advantages the web has provided to price-conscious shoppers. Therefore, Motostrano strives to offer the lowest prices on available products in its catalog to our customers. Motostrano review match any advertised price by an online vendor if the item is available and in stock at the time of inquiry and meets the following terms:
  • The vendor must be an authorized dealer for the manufacturer of the product in question.
  • The vendor must have a good seller reputation, offering at least the equivalent level of customer service as Motostrano.
  • Motostrano does not match "email for price", in-store or verbal price offers
  • If the other vendor''s price is lower, but shipping is added, this will be factored into our review of the price and your quote.
  • The item must be new, readily available.
  • Motostrano does not consider prices on any type of auction format, or on sites such as Ebay or Amazon.
  • The item may not be a close-out or other discontinued item.
  • The item must be in stock at the vendor in question. We will not price match an item that the other vendor must order in for you, subjecting you to a long wait for your order.
  • Motostrano also reviews any competitors return and shipping policies for any price match request.
  • Motostrano does not review price match requests after your order has been placed or received.
Motostrano reserves the right to deny or reject any price request for any reason, at its sole discretion.

To have us review an advertised price, please submit a price match request by clicking here and fill out the form.

Please note we do NOT take price match requests by phone. Your request must be submitted online. In your request, you must provide the advertised price, the name of the vendor and a link to the vendor''s page showing the advertised price. You will be contacted within 24 hours with a reply.