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Motostrano''s Glossary of Terms

Modern motorcycle accessories are constructed using some of the most advanced high-tech materials and manufacturing techniques both familiar and foreign. We have collected many of the common terms and material trademarks here to help explain what it is you are purchasing when you purchase motorcycle accessories.

The information and text provided below is Copyrighted by Motostrano. All rights reserved.

  • B.S.I Standard - the National Standards Body of the UK, with a globally recognized reputation for independence, integrity and innovation in the production of standards that promote best practice. It develops and sells standards and standardization solutions to meet the needs of business and society."
  • Carbon Fiber - a strong, thin woven fiber, consisting of chainlike molecules of pure carbon, made by charring synthetic fibers such as rayon. Carbon fiber is used in high-strength composite materials are used both in motorcycle parts and clothing for lightness and strength where protection is required.
  • CE Certification- Protection and protectors that are CE certified have met the strict performance standards and requirements of the European Union and are used worldwide as a standards body for safety and quality. Many Motostrano products are labeled CE Certified.
  • Clarino - This highly durable material provides great feel for the palm and is often used in motorcycle gloves, footwear and belts. Machine washable, Clarino remains soft and supple even after repeated exposure to water.
  • Coolmax - This unique material wicks moisture away from the skin and quickly transfers it to the outer surface to speed evaporation. Coolmax material is used in many products offered by Motostrano that are intended for warm weather use.
  • Denier - Denier is a measurement which denotes the thickness and the diameter of a fiber material such as nylon, polyester or other fabrics used in clothing and luggage.
  • DNS - fabric treatment technology to give a high degree of water repellent and breathable performance.
  • D.O.T. - Department of Transportation (USA). Many aftermarket parts must meet D.O.T. standards to be road legal on any public road in the USA. These include things like headlights and turn signals.
  • Drystar - a registered trademark of Alpinestars. This waterproof and breathable membrane material is used for all-weather clothing for comfort and performance. Unlike spray-on waterproofing techniques, Drystar material allows the fabric to "breath" while still providing waterproofing.
  • E.V.A - Ethylene Vinyl Acetat is a kind of expanded rubber or foam rubber similar to a vinyl. A comfortable and lightweight material providing superior shock absorption and impact protection.
  • Gore-Tex - This world renowned waterproof and breathable membrane features pores that are smaller than water to keep rain out, but larger than water vapor, allowing perspiration to escape without letting water in. Used on many motorcycle clothing garments to provide 100% waterproofing, while still providing comfort to the rider.
  • Kevlar - used as a reinforcement, this high strength fiber is cut and tear resistant.
  • Level 1 CE Rating - testing provided by European Union testing body where an anvil is used on a garment in order to test the impact energy absorption rating of a product. "The average peak force recorded below the anvil in the tests shall be below 18 kN, and no single value shall exceed 24 kN."
  • Level 2 CE Rating - testing provided by European Union testing body where an anvil is used on a garment in order to test the impact energy absorption rating of a product. "The average peak force recorded below the anvil in the tests shall be below 9 kN, and no single value shall exceed 12 kN."
  • Memory Foam - used in many motorcycle rider body armor. A dense foams that absorbs impact energy while still being quite thin. The foam, after impact, "remembers" its shape rather than crumpling.
  • Microfiber fabric - soft, lightweight and breathable, microfiber is finer than silk and comfortable to the skin. Many motorcycle garments in the Motostrano catalog utilize this textile to provide rider comfort.
  • Neoprene - comfortable and flexible, this water resistant material provides great insulation in cold and damp conditions and excellent wind stopping performance.
  • Pittards digital leather - supple and quick drying leather which provides excellent grip in all weather conditions. Often used on motorcycle gloves and other applications where abrasion resistance, comfort and grip are required.
  • PU Coating - a thin layer of film applied to the backside of the fabric to give strength and structural integrity.
  • Polyurethane - PU Polymer containing urethane used in plastics, rubber, foam.
  • Polyethilene- PE. Thermoplastic material composed of polymers of ethilene. Light, strong, water-resistant and flexible at low temperatures.
  • Race Fit - a race fit garment such as a jacket, suit, helmet, is one that is designed primarily for use on a race motorcycle on a race track. A "race fit" garment may sacrifice some off-bike comfort, off-bike adaptability or protection levels at low speeds. Also refers to rider position on the bike.
  • Schoeller Keprotec - this stretchable and vented material features Kevlar reinforced thread for maximum tear and abrasion resistance.
  • Snell - "Helmets meeting Snell Standards provide the highest level of protection available. Snell Standards significantly surpass those set by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission''s 16 CFR Part 1203."
  • Sublimated graphics - utilizing a pressure and heat process, this system of design transfer produces fade free graphics even after extensive washing. Used to apply logo and graphical images to clothing and other materials.
  • Taped seams - seam tape is applied along a stitch line of a garment, which prevents water intrusion at these small but critical areas.
  • Taslan - Durable and water repelling nylon fabric
  • Thermal - used as in a "thermal liner", "thermal fabric", is intended to provide temperature control for warmth.
  • Thinsulate - lightweight, breathable, moisture resistant and quick drying fabric. Thinsulate provides superior insulation for cold weather riding and is often used in gloves and boots.
  • Primaloft - a lightweight and breathable insulation that repels moisture to offer superior performance for cold-weather riding.
  • Waterproof - used to describe a material or garment or accessory that has been tested under wet conditions and prevents water from entering an area. Note- a material may be labeled ''waterproof'' while the garment it is made of may not be designed to be 100% waterproof.
  • Water Resistant - used to describe a material, garment or accessory that is resistant to water transference but not necessarily fully waterproof.
  • Windstopper - laminated membrane offering total windproof performance and maximum breathability for complete comfort. Windstopper material does not provide insulation against cold temperatures.