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We get asked lots of questions. For those that read FAQs before they ask, here''s a "best of?" collection of questions that are frequently asked:

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What is Motostrano?

Motostrano is a motorcycle accessories, clothing and parts retail company located in Redwood City, CA, just south of San Francisco. Motostrano is a small company with a wordwide customer base. Motostrano sells specialized motorcycle products for sport bike riders and racers.

What Are Your Hours?

Motostrano is open 5 days a week. Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Saturday, Pacific Standard Time. Motostrano is closed Sunday.

How soon will I receive my order?

Standard US domestic orders are generally processed the same or next business day of the time of order. On average, orders are processed and shipped between 1-3 business days from the time of order for in-stock items. Domestic US orders are on average processed the next business day.

Can I use some one else''s credit card to buy things at Motostrano?

Only the card holder him or herself may purchase items at any store.

But it''s my mom''s credit card?

Cool, you still can''t use some one else''s credit card to buy things at Motostrano.

May I ship my order to an address other than my billing address?

In order to protect you from fraudulent credit card activity, Motostrano requires that first time customers ship their orders specifically to their actual billing address. Call your credit card company for more information on credit card fraud and shipping to non-billing addresses. If you must ship to an address other than where you receive your credit card bill, you may be asked to provide verification documents proving you are the owner of the credit card being used for your purchase. This can slow the delivery of your order.

I placed my order online and then I received an email from Motostrano requesting further information about my Billing Address and so forth. Why?

As you may have read, or possibly experienced yourself, Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud is a real problem on the Internet. As an Internet Retailer ourselves and seller of many high priced and exclusive items, we have painfully felt the result of Credit Card Fraud in the past and so we have learned with experience how best to deal with potentially fraudulent orders made on our web site or by phone. If you are a US based customer, our credit card processing system allows us to verify your billing address as it appears on your credit card statement. If we are unable to verify your billing address you will be asked to provide supporting documentation to prove that you are the owner of the credit card used for your order. Additionally, if you are a first time customer, or your order is of high value and your intention is to ship your order to anything other than your verified billing address, we will contact you for further billing verification information to verify your order and identity. If we are unable to verify your identity, I am sorry but we cannot ship your order. Motostrano is a small company and cannot afford the risk of sending out high value orders without verification from our customers. Unfortunately, the world of full of creeps and we receive on average a high value fraudulent order at least once per week. Credit card companies put all the risk on the Merchant for fraudulent transactions, not the consumer, so this issue is very important to us. For more information, please contact us by phone and feel free to consult your credit card company and these helpful resources: VISA Fraud Center, Merchant Fraud Toolkit, DiscoverCard Fraud Center, MasterCard Fraud Center

How long does shipping take?

Standard UPS Ground service can take 1-7 business days depending on your location across the country (business days exclude both Saturday and Sunday, as well as any national holidays). UPS 3 Day air, 2nd Day air and over night services are available for quicker shipping times. Weekends are excluded from any Air delivery service. Please alert us of any dates by which you need your order in case a shipping adjustment is necessary. You are always able to check exact shipping times for any service to your specific address at www.ups.com. Simply click on the Calculate Time & Cost link at UPS.com to view available shipping methods and posted shipping times.

How Can I track my order?

Motostrano will automatically email you your UPS tracking number the day your order is shipped and leaves our warehouse. You can track the progress of your package 24 hours a day on the UPS system.

I sent you an email but never got a reply. What''s up?

The Internet is a great advertising and shopping medium. Unfortunately, due to spammers and really poor spam detection technology, it is no longer a great communication medium. We highly recommend communicating with us by telephone vs. email as it is more efficient and quicker. We respond to each and every email we receive within 1-2 hours during business hours. If you don''t hear back from us, then we likely did not get your message or our message was sent but filtered out as spam or some other thing. Please call us with your question for the quickest reply at 650-780-9306.

How much is shipping?

Check your shopping cart for shipping charges on any order!

So, if I return something, do I have to pay for shipping?

If you exchange something, you pay the shipping costs.

What if you ship out some of my stuff, but some other stuff is back ordered, what then?

You will only be charged the shipping costs quoted on your initial order. Please take note of any over-size fees that will be posted on the item page itself.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally by UPS

How much is international shipping?

Our web site will display shipping costs to you before your order is completed online.

Can you mark my package as a gift so that I don''t have to pay import duties?

Unfortunately we cannot put us and you at risk by providing false information to customs for any shipment, even if tax rates are too high in your country.

What''s that you mention about import duty?

All countries around the world charge import duty taxes for any item commercially purchased abroad. Just as when you go on vacation and purchase items and bring them home, you are asked to declare and pay duty for the items transported cross boarder. If you live outside the United States and purchase something from Motostrano, you are importing a purchase and may be responsible for import taxes upon receiving the item. Motostrano does not track and has no way of knowing what each country charges for import duties (excluding the country of Lichtenstein because we happen to remember their tax table by heart), therefore check with your local tax offices before ordering and/or are surprised by an import tax that can sometimes be very high depending on the country of origin, materials used, product value, product purchase price, product color, etc.. Please be aware that you are responsible for any import duties and that we are not responsible for informing you of what they may be case we don''t know! Got it?

Can you ship items made in China to my address in Mexico?

We can ship them, but the Mexican government won''t allow you to receive your shipment.

Do you speak Spanish?

Sorry, we speak English, some Italian, German and Japanese.

What happens if I have to return a purchase?

Please read our store policy page for further information about returns. Please then Request a Return Authorization so we may review your transaction.

Has my order shipped yet?

You will automatically receive an email notice with a UPS tracking number the day or the day before your order ships. We try to notify all customers of any back orders within 72 hours of your order. If you do not hear from us regarding your order, please feel free to call or email us for an update.

Do you have everything on your web site in stock?

Unlike most companies who sell products online, we do stock much of what we sell. As much as we wish we could, it''s not possible for us to keep every single item that we show on our catalog in stock at all times. As much as we would love to stock size 4Xl of the Yellow Icon Burner Jacket at all times, market demand just doesn''t warrant it, so many items must be special ordered to fulfill your particular order. We stock most of what we sell often, but we occasionally run out of stock of certain items and our suppliers also occasionally run out of stock items.

Do you have any other locations?

Sorry, at this time we have just our one location.

Do you work on bikes?

Motostrano does not have a service department at this time.

Do you price match?

Motostrano wants you to feel confident about getting the best prices on items you buy from us. To that end, if you find a better price for an item on our web site we encourage you to let us know so we may review the competitor''s offer. Please make sure to let us know about your interest in a price match before you make your order. We cannot review price match requests after your order has been placed.

What is your price match policy?

While we want to make sure you get the best price for items you purchase from us, we also want to ensure that you receive the best quality customer service before, during and after your purchase. With this in mind, we carefully review your price match request and base our decision on whether to accept a lower price based on a number of variables including: whether the item is in stock or readily available from the competitor, whether the item is a close-out, clearance, used or blemished item, the competitor''s return policies, physical location (US Based Only), shipping policies, the customer''s reputation, whether the store has a physical store front, whether or not the company is a direct competitor to Motostrano or not, and other variables. Motostrano reserves the right to accept or reject any price match request.

Do you have an actual store that I can visit?

Absolutely. Just like our web site, our store is an exciting destination store to visit and see all of the products that you see on our web site. In fact, customers have flown half-way around the world and then driven by car 400 miles just to visit our shop for a few hours in the past. We are unique in that we stock the entire catalog of Alpinestars products, as well as other brand names. Customers who visit our showroom are amazed at the amount of product we carry all under one roof. You can try on multiple suits in your size, jackets in the color you want, boots in multiple styles and variations. Our sales reps are helpful motorcycle enthusiasts, not grumpy old men who don''t know what a PC3 USB is, or snot-nosed kids who don''t know what a Bultaco Alpina is. We like walking you through your options and showing you the things we sell so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Do you sell OEM parts like Ducati blinkers, levers, mirrors and fairing pieces? You see, my bike fell over in my garage, when I was pretending I was Loris Capirossi.

We sell only aftermarket parts and accessories.

I want to buy a leather suit or jacket or pants, but I don''t know what size I am. What to do?

Please email or call us at your convenience. Our sales reps can walk you through the sizing question with just a few basic questions and we can usually recommend the correct size in just a few minutes.

I purchased some clothing or tools and used them only a little bit. Can I return them?

Sorry, Motostrano noes not accept the return of any item that has been used in any fashion. Any returned item must be completely new. Motostrano does not accept returns on any tools, parts or anything that can be mounted on a bike.

I don''t know what size I am. Can you help me?

Firstly, if you are unsure, or even if you are sure, of your size, please don''t hesitate to call our store for size consulting. Motostrano sales staff are intimately familiar with most of the products we sell. We talk about them all day, we try them on, we own them. We would rather speak with you for a half hour on the phone before you order than have to work with you to exchange or return an item that you have received. It is our pleasure to help you get the right item the first time.

I sent you an email and never got a reply. What''s up?

Firstly, we are sorry you didn''t get a reply. We typically respond to all emails and phone messages within 1-2 hours during business days. If you don''t hear from us, we are either still researching your question, or, we some how did not receive your note. The internet is great, but is far from 100% reliable. Emails frequently don''t make it to their destination. If you don''t hear from us please don''t hesitate to call us directly by phone.

You guys messed up my order. What are you going to do about it?

Accidents happen. In the rare event that a problem arises with your order, take a breath, don''t fret and call us to work out whatever the issue may be. Customer service, your order and your business are important to us. Motostrano is operated by humans just like you and we occasionally make mistakes, but as humans, we can work out solutions to both our mutual benefit in most cases. A friendly attitude goes a long way.