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hand made. made to measure. custom tailored. Made in Italy, by Gimoto for Motostrano and YOU.

it's what we do with our partners in Italy: GIMOTO

Made in Italy by craftsmen who enjoy what they do. GIMOTO leathers are the leathers European riders go to for quality custom leather protection for their race team. Or, you can buy an off-the-rack suit, pants or jacket and be happy knowing that the thing you own was made at the source and designed with skill. With Gimoto, Motostrano enables you to create completely custom motorcycle leathers, made in Italy. Customize your own leather racing suit, or buy off the rack. It''s up to you. We can do full customized one or two piece suits, or jackets and pants. Why see yourself coming and going? Be different. Be unique. Gimoto. View the online catalog and call our store with any questions and to place an order.
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GIMOTO Was+ Leather Suit GIMOTO TOP2 Touring Two Piece Leather Suit GIMOTO Retro Leather Suit GIMOTO RSX Leather Suit
GIMOTO Was+ Leather Suit
Our Price: $2,550.00
GIMOTO Retro Leather Suit
Our Price: $2,400.00
GIMOTO RSX Leather Suit
Our Price: $2,300.00
GIMOTO Hydro Suit Gimoto SMRX All Leather Motard Suit Gimoto GPS Stripes Suit GIMOTO Race-R Leather Suit
GIMOTO Hydro Suit
Our Price: $2,300.00
Gimoto GPS Stripes Suit
Our Price: $2,200.00
GIMOTO Race-R Leather Suit
Our Price: $2,150.00
GIMOTO Daytona Leather Suit GIMOTO MV-R Leather Suit GIMOTO Aragon Leather Suit GIMOTO GP Suit Size 56
GIMOTO Daytona Leather Suit
Our Price: $2,100.00
GIMOTO MV-R Leather Suit
Our Price: $2,100.00
GIMOTO Aragon Leather Suit
Our Price: $2,100.00
GIMOTO GP Suit Size 56
Our Price: $2,100.00
GIMOTO TOP Leather Suit Gimoto SNAKE Race Leather Suit GIMOTO RACE Leather Suit GIMOTO GP Mugello Leather Suit
GIMOTO TOP Leather Suit
Our Price: $2,100.00
GIMOTO RACE Leather Suit
Our Price: $2,000.00
Gimoto Lady Line Leather Suit GIMOTO Macuo Leather Suit Gimoto SMRX Motard Suit GIMOTO Viper Leather Suit
Gimoto Lady Line Leather Suit
Our Price: $1,800.00
GIMOTO Macuo Leather Suit
Our Price: $1,625.00
Gimoto SMRX Motard Suit
Our Price: $1,600.00
GIMOTO Viper Leather Suit
Our Price: $1,600.00
GIMOTO GP Leather Suit GIMOTO Lady GP Suit GIMOTO Visual Leather Suit Gimoto Racing Man Leather Suit
GIMOTO GP Leather Suit
Our Price: $1,600.00
Our Price: $1,580.00
GIMOTO Visual Leather Suit
Our Price: $1,425.00
GIMOTO Pit Bike Suit GIMOTO Visual Mini Kids Leather Suit GIMOTO Line Ladies' 2-Piece Leather Suit GIMOTO Aragon 2-Piece Leather Suit
GIMOTO Pit Bike Suit
Our Price: $1,295.00
GIMOTO Hydro 2-Piece Leather Suit Gimoto Minimoto Kids' Leather Suit GIMOTO Kids MINI GP Leather Suit Gimoto Line Lady Leather Jacket
Gimoto Street Jacket GIMOTO Route Jacket Gimoto Street Lady Leather Jacket GIMOTO Line Lady Leather Pants
Gimoto Street Jacket
Our Price: $699.00
GIMOTO Route Jacket
Our Price: $699.00
GIMOTO Aragon2 Leather Jacket GIMOTO Hydro Jacket GIMOTO Aragon2 Leather Pants GIMOTO Hydro Leather Pants
GIMOTO Hydro Jacket
Our Price: $650.00
GIMOTO Hydro Leather Pants
Our Price: $598.00
GIMOTO BIker Jacket Gimoto Asphalt Lady Leather Jacket Gimoto Asphalt Leather Jacket Gimoto Shred Longboard Leather Skate Suit
GIMOTO BIker Jacket
Our Price: $585.00
Gimoto Pee Wee Minimoto Leather Suit GIMOTO K2 Jacket GIMOTO Quarter Jacket GIMOTO RT Sport Jacket
GIMOTO K2 Jacket
Our Price: $375.00
GIMOTO Quarter Jacket
Our Price: $310.00
GIMOTO RT Sport Jacket
Our Price: $310.00
Gimoto Quarter Textile Jacket GIMOTO GP 4 Gloves GIMOTO Overland Pants GIMOTO Way Summer Jacket
GIMOTO GP 4 Gloves
Our Price: $285.00
GIMOTO Overland Pants
Our Price: $200.00
GIMOTO Way Summer Jacket
Our Price: $199.00
Gimoto V Sport Textile Jacket GIMOTO SP3 Summer Jacket GIMOTO GT Gloves GIMOTO Racing Back Protector
GIMOTO SP3 Summer Jacket
Our Price: $198.00
Our Price: $185.00
GIMOTO M-Bike Gloves GIMOTO Kid's Back Protector GIMOTO Sprint Gloves Gimoto IRON Skin Under Suit
GIMOTO M-Bike Gloves
Our Price: $145.00
GIMOTO Sprint Gloves
Our Price: $125.00
GIMOTO MTSAIR Gloves GIMOTO MINI GP Gloves GIMOTO Winter Gloves GIMOTO MTS Air Summer Gloves
Our Price: $120.00
Our Price: $105.00
GIMOTO Winter Gloves
Our Price: $99.00
GIMOTO Power X Gloves GIMOTO Kids GP Gloves Gimoto XG200 Motard Vest GIMOTO Race Sliders
GIMOTO Power X Gloves
Our Price: $98.00
GIMOTO Kids GP Gloves
List Price: $100.00
Our Price: $90.00
Savings: $10.00
Gimoto XG200 Motard Vest
Our Price: $75.00
GIMOTO Race Sliders
Our Price: $75.00
GIMOTO Rain Sliders GIMOTO A9002 Sliders
GIMOTO Rain Sliders
Our Price: $30.00
GIMOTO A9002 Sliders
Our Price: $30.00
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