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Blending the lightweight, stiff and quick-handling performance of a professional-grade carbon fiber road racing bike with the aerodynamic advantages of a time trial bike, the AR has redefined what a road bike is capable of accomplishing.
Three years ago pro racers challenged Felt to put its aerodynamic expertise toward designing a new road bike. The racers asked Felt, makers of the world’s fastest time trial and track bikes (the DA and the TK1), to help them improve their performance and efficiency in the road races they compete in day in and day out.

A collaborative development effort between Felt engineers and athletes, the AR was officially unveiled at the 2008 Tour de France. The competition immediately took notice. The pros know that at the speeds they race, aerodynamic efficiency matters. It can be the difference between winning and losing.
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Felt AR3 Road Bike
Our Price: 3,499.00
Felt AR5 Road Bike
Our Price: 2,599.00
Felt Z7 Road Bike
Our Price: 1,599.00