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Compilation of Questions and Answers for this product from real customers just like you.   Q/ I bought some wheels off some dude on Ebay. He says they''re off a CRF and they should fit my XR. They''re not fitting. Do you know why?   A/ Not sure what you got there but you may want to send those back to the seller. They likely won''t fit your XR. Our own wheels are specifically made for the applications listed. CRF wheels don''t fit an XR. XR wheels don''t fit a YZ, etc. Good luck!   Q/  I am wondering if the carrier rings come with the hubs with your wheels.                                                                     Thanks, nick    A/ Our Talon hubs don''t require any type of carrier or other adapter. You''re thinking of the Excel Universal Wheels which we do not sell or recommend for Supermoto. Our Talon hubs are solid fixed hubs and your stock rotors and and sprocket will bolt right up. Also, all of our wheelsets come complete with any axle spacers and sprocket/rotor bolts you might need.   Q/ I need a Supermoto wheelset for my CRF450. I had a few questions before ordering though. On the website, there aren''t places to specify color. Are the Excel/Talon combo available with silver hubs and black rims? Also is this set avaliable with a 5" back rim? Finally, do you offset the back rim to take care of chain rub problems?  brian  A/ Brian, we no longer offer custom colors on any of our wheel products. Black rims, gold hubs are standard. We used to get involved in sending out parts to anodizers and so forth, but found that you, the customer, don''t want to wait for that process (which can delay your wheel shipment by up to a month) and also the process of anodizing can result in inconsistencies and such. Our wheels come in the standard colors listed on the site only. This makes sure we can have wheels in stock for you, or, allows us to get your order shipped in a reasonable amount of time. You can specify the size of the rim you need online. All of our wheels are specifically laced for optimal clearance of tire and chain.   Q/ I talked w/ you earlier last month. I have an 99 Honda XR650L that I am trying to get supermoto wheels for. I have been told the hubs are on backorder, is there any way you can contact me when the hubs are available so that I can place order. I am also looking for a good recommendation for an oversized front rotor. Thanks!! Cory   A/ Cory, the best thing to do is simply place your order and get in line for the wheels if they are still on back order. Orders ship as soon as they come in, but there''s no way to contact you when they do come available again. Throughout any given year, the manufacturer or distributor can run out of stock, but the wait is typically not more than a month if something is back ordered. On your brake question, you should check out our Supermoto Conversion kit for Honda XR 650 L bikes. It has all the parts you''ll need to get your bike into the Supermoto groove. / Joe  Q/I have a 2006 Husqvarna TE610 and I wanted to get the Excel Talon Supermoto Wheels. I see they are available for the 450/510 but I am told wheels that fit those models fit the 610. Is this true? Will all oem rotors and sprockets bolt on with no issue?  Thanks Jason  A/ Yes, they are the same wheels for 450 on up to 610. / Joe  Q/ Hi, I want to buy: Excel Talon Supermoto Wheels Application : KTM 450 525 560 Gold Hubs Front-Size : 17 x 3.50 Rear-Size : 17 x 5 Prize, 1,199 P/N: KIT-WHLS  I have a KTM 520 00. does it work right for my bike? RGDS il be waiting your sooner response! Fabio! TXS    A/ Yes, the 520 is another variation of the 525 and as such uses the same wheel and related parts.   Q/ i am looking for a set of supermoto wheels for a cannondale E440 possibly larger disc brake mount and disc as well ? please e-mail me with what is availible through you. thank you    A/ Hi, the Cannondale isn''t a bike we supply parts for at this time. You may want to contact ATK which has a large supply of Cannondale parts and so forth.   Q/ P.s has the rear rim got a cush drive set up or is it a solid sprocket to hub assembly? Thanks again.    A/ Talon doesn''t offer a cush drive type hub for any SM applications. It''s also not required.    Q/ Could a set of the supermoto wheels (exel, marchesini, etc) be adapted to fit a Ducati Monster (or even SV)? Are the wheels much lighter than conventional cast stock AL wheels?  Thanks!    A/ Well, it''s certainly possible to fit SM wheels on there I guess but you''d need to do a lot of machining and fabrication, so not recommended. We offer Alpina spoked wheels for your Monster and we offer Marchesinis that are designed for your Monster. Best to check those out.   Q/ Ahh! The rear rim on my 2004 Husqvarna SMR450 is cracked and probably irrepairable. What low budget options can you suggest and do you carry or can you get what I need? Or... do you have a set of Marchesinis that will work on my tard? If so... details and how much? Please let me know! by phone or email... thanks!   Rex.  A/ Hi Rex, send us a photo of your rim if you can. Some types of damage can actually be welded and corrected for a temporary fix, but a new rim is probably in order. We sell them. In terms of low budget repair/ replace is the right direction for you. Marchesinis would be the opposite of a low budget solution.