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Eflow Electric Bikes - among the best quality e-bikes we sell

eFlow eBikes are perfect for commuters or for anyone looking for a quick, high-performance bike that's both easy to use and incredibly fun to ride. The bikes' sleek designs are matched by construction and components designed for a performance ride, including RST monoshocks to smooth out rough roads, a 20-speed drivetrain, internal cable routings for a clean look and Auriga E-Sub brakes, which have electronic sensors to cut power to the motor and activate regenerative braking to send power back to the battery. The eFlow E3 Nitro, eFlow E3 Flight, and eFlow E3 Fit are unlike any other electric bikes on the market today. In March of 2012, at the Taipei Cycle Show’s Design & Innovation Awards, eFlow was presented a Gold Award, given by the experts from iF International Forum Design, of Hanover, Germany, for exceptional achievements in innovation and design. The eFlow was the first electric bicycle to receive this prestigious award. Take one for a ride. We're sure you'll come back grinning from ear to ear saying, "This bike can fly".