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With over 20 different brands of electric bike in store and technical experience servicing and selling and riding e-bikes since 2009, Motostrano is your ultimate resource for e-bikes. We carry only the highest quality e-bikes available and have carefully weeded out the brands that do not meet our high quality standards.

If you are in California - we highly recommend visiting one of our excellent e-bike stores to see, try and buy a wonderful electric bike that is just right for you.

Check out our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for more info, videos and demonstrations about our products.

If you are not local - we do offer shipping services for most of our brands. All shipments are insured.

Unlike many online shops who simply drop-ship their bikes, or have no real technical experience, our store is a veritable workshop showroom toystore of e-bikes. We are open to the public and famous for our weekend DEMO DAYS where we allow you to try test and buy any of our demo models.
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A2B Ferber Electric Bike Vanmoof 3 Electric Bike - Step Through Yuba Spicy Curry Electric Cargo Bike
A2B Ferber Electric Bike
Our Price: $2,299.00
BH EasyMotion Bosch City Wave E-bike BionX 350 BATTERY 26V BionX 350W BATTERY 48V Rear Rack Mount
BionX 350 BATTERY 26V
Our Price: $500.00
BionX 350 BATTERY 48V BionX DT BATTERY 48V BionX Battery Charger
BionX 350 BATTERY 48V
Our Price: $925.00
Our Price: $1,225.00
BionX Battery Charger 48V
Our Price: $100.00
BionX Battery Charger BionX G2 Console Display BionX S 350 DV Electric Bike Kit
BionX Battery Charger 37V
Our Price: $100.00
BionX G2 Console Display
Our Price: $180.00
BionX D500 Electric Bike Kit Mando Footloose Electric Bike From Motostrano EVO TOBA ST1 Step-Thru Electric Bike
EVO TOBA HB1 Electric Bike EVO TOBA HB1 Disc Electric Bike OHM Urban XU700 15 Electric Bike
EVO TOBA HB1 Electric Bike
Our Price: $2,499.99
OHM Urban XU700LS 15 Electric Bike OHM Urban XU700 16 Electric Bike OHM Urban XU700LS 16 Electric Bike
OHM Urban XU700 165 Electric Bike OHM Sport XS750 Electric Mountain Bike OHM Sport XS750 Plus Electric Mountain Bike
Lapierre Overvolt FS Lapierre Overvolt Hardtail Mountain E-Bike Felt Bruhaul Cargo E-Bike - Electric Bike
Felt Bruhaul Cargo E-Bike
Our Price: $6,499.00
Felt Outfitter E-Bike - Electric Bike Benelli Classica Electric Bike - Motostrano KTM Macina Tour 10 GPS+ Electric Bike
Felt Outfitter E-Bike
Our Price: $5,499.00

The Best Electric Bikes In The World

"Considering motorization trends, e-bikes disrupt car use and will continue to have large influence."Christopher Cherry, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville

We Stock E-Bikes

We believe e-bikes are the best short-haul commuting solution on the market. Go anywhere, park anywhere, no license, no insurance. Ride on pillows of air in peace and quiet and be in the place you are. We carry the best and most reliable e-bikes available to consumers. Our store has a heavy focus on e-bikes, but more than that, we are a full service bike shop with expert mechanical and service experience for both standard and electric bicycles, equally. This is a big differentiator for us vs other shops around- we know all aspects of e-bikes and we know all aspects of standard bikes, not just a little of one or the other. We ride them. We sell them. We work on them.