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Both our SF and Redwood City stores (Suburbanbikes & Ebikelane) are stocked to the ceiling with e-bikes from Felt Ebikes, Haibike, A2B, EasyMotion and more. Felt Cyclocross and Off-Road bikes from 2014 are on sale, along with many of our road bikes. Warp 9, DNA and EXCEL supermoto wheels have lead times of 2-3 weeks for custom builds.

BH Easy Motion NEO City Electric Bike Raleigh Detour iE Electric Bike Alpinestars Aero Gloves Gloves BH EasyMotion Evo Cross Ebike
BH EasyMotion Evo Race Ebike
Our Price: $2,899.00
Raleigh Detour iE Electric Bike A2B Kuo Rack Felt Verza Fit Bicycle Beringer Brake Master Cylinder BR14
A2B Kuo Rack
Our Price: $69.95
Felt Verza Fit 1 Bicycle
Our Price: $799.00