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Bike Repair - REDWOOD CITY

Motostrano / Suburbanbikes offers complete bicycle repair service, repair, building and restoration. We take on the jobs most other shops turn away because we enjoy bikes, we enjoy our customers and we enjoy challenges.

Our mechanics have over 15 years experience of bicycle repair, building and tuning. We've hired the best service repair folks who love their work and enjoy helping people. We mean it. We're not some corporate entity that will do a rush job or perform work you don't need. We're also not a grumpy old shop that won't treat you right when you need it most. Read more about how we are different.
We'll not only service your bike. If you live in any of the following cities, Redwood City, Menlo Park, Woodside, San Carlos, Belmont, San Mateo - we'll pick up and deliver you bike to your door (fees vary).

We'll work on any bike from the most basic cruiser to the most high end road bike, we treat each job with the same amount of care and attention. We service and tune both traditional and electric bikes! Visit our convenient location right off Woodside Road in Redwood City, off of 101!

Call our service department to schedule a job: 650-918-6259 ( can also text us at that number 24 hours a day) or email us at sales@suburbanbikes.com
Cruiser, BMX, Mountain Bike, Road, Fixie, Race, Vintage

Our basic shop rate is $60 per hour. Below is a sample menu of pricing for your review. Always call us for a more specific estimate or just drop by the shop.

Tune-up: Basic Tune: $65 covers everything from wheel true to cable lubes, safety check, wipe down, lube, grease, brakes adjust, deurellur adjust.
Pro-Tune: $100. All of Basic Tune, chain, lube all bike components, wear of all components.
E-Bike Tune: $99: All of Basic Tune-up, plus battery check, wiring check, controller check.
Pro-E-Bike Tune: $149. All of Basic and E-Bike Tune, full cleaning of all components, plus electro-grease on all wiring, battery service, motor service.

Tires And Wheels:

Install Tire & Or Tube- $10.00
Air Tires- No Charge
True, Round, Dish & Tension Wheel- $25 ~ $50.00
Replace Spoke & True (Includes One Spoke)- $30 ~ $60.00
Adjust Front Hub- $20
Overhaul Front Hub- $40.00
Adjust Rear Hub- $22.00
Overhaul Rear Hub- $60.00
Rebuild Wheel (Includes Cutdown Of Old)- $100.00
New Wheel Build ($20 Up-Charge For Used Rim)- $66.00
Cut Spokes To Length (Per Wheel)- $50.00
Calculate Spoke Length (Per Wheel)- $22.00
Smiles - Free
Drive Train:
Adjust Bottom Bracket- $40.00
Overhaul Bottom Bracket- $66.00
Replace Bottom Bracket W/ Cartridge- $37.00
Pull & Lube Cartridge Bottom Bracket- $38.50
Lube Chain & Measure For Stretch- N/C
Install New Chain (May Require Casette And Chain Rings)- $16.50
Adjust Front Or Rear Derailleur (Non-Index)- $16.50
Adjust Front Or Rear Derailleur (Index)- $15 ~ $80.00
Install Derailleur Cable & Adjust (Non-Iindex)- $20.00
Install Derailleur Cable & Adjust (Index)- $15 ~ $80.00
Align Derailleur Hanger (Includes Adjustment Of Der.)- $28 ~ $105.00
O'Haul Campagnolo Ergo Shifter (Incl. G-Springs)- $66 Ea | $110.00/ Pair
Handle Bars, Stems And Such:
Adjust Headset- $13.00
Overhaul Headset- $49.50
Install Headset- $54.00
Install Fork- $66.00
Stem Swap, Old School, Flat Bar (1/2 Price If Break Allowed)- $49.50
Stem Swap, Old School, Drop Bar (1/2 Price If Break Allowed)- $55.00
Stem Swap, Modern Stem- $11.00
Lengthen Cable & Housing W/ Stem Switch (Each)- $22.00
Re-Wrap Drop Bars- $25.00
Bar Swap, Flat Bars- $55.00
Install K-Wing (Includes Cables And Housing)- $154.00
Bar Swap, Drop Bars (Includes Wrap, Parts Not Included)- $77.00

Boxing, Shipping, Assembly:
Box For Shipping (Includes Materials)- $100.00
Box & Ship (Ups Ground & 1,000 Ins.)- $200.00
Assemble Bike From Shipping- $50 ~ $100.00
Sbr Assembly Of New Bike From The Box- $135.00
Accessory Installation:
Rear Rack W/ Full Braze-Ons- $24.00
Rear Rack W/O Braze-Ons- $33.00
Simple Computer (Includes Calibration)- $35.00
Cadence Computer (Includes Calibration)- $52.00
Cadence Computer On A Tandem (Includes Calibration)- $88.00
Computer For Stoker On A Tandem- $99.00
Bar Ends- $22.00
Bottle Cage- N/C
Full Fenders (No Customization Req'd)- $38.00
Full Fenders For Road Bike- $35 ~ 150.00
Race Blades (Fenders Not Included)- $16.00
Race Blade W/ Extension (Includes Fenders)- $100.00
Align Fork (Fork Out Of Bike)- $55.00
Complete Frame Alignment (R&R Extra)- $150.00
R & R Everything For Paint Or Other Services- $300.00

Suburbanbikes for bike repair in redwood city, california. We also offer bike repair in Menlo Park, Belmont, San Carlos, San Mateo and Palo Alto with free pick up and delivery.