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If you live in the Bay Area, "getting around" is a constant thing to be reconciled with in your daily life. But, unlike other parts of the country where cars dominate completely and your only choice is to grin and bear it, you have countless alternate transportation solutions to help you differentiate from the crowd, go against the stream instead of with it, get un-stuck from traffic and benefit from health upsides as a result.

Never before has there been such a wide variety of commuter-focused "personal transportation devices" available to you and the Bay Area is as usual a testing ground for all kinds of creative solutions to help you get from A to B. Motostranois the store at the center of all these alternative commuting solutions and we have been for almost 20 years now.

Since 2002, a big part of Motostrano's focus has been about busting your commute. In the beginning it was motorcycles and in 2009 we migrated to bicycles and specifically electric bicyclesand now we offer a complete range of solutions ranging from electric bikes, electric scooters, electric skate boards and ecargo bikes.

Escooters. One of my favorite ways to get around town, or from work to Caltrain or Bart is by electric scooter. Skip the traffic entirely and get an escooter. Thanks to all the news about scooter share and escootersin San Francisco escooters are now finally on the radar of any one who has a short walking or biking commute but where a bike doesn't make the most sense. An electric scooter can zip you along the bike lane easily, going up moderate hills andyou have the added benefit of not having to lock up a large bicycle or plan for the usual maintenance of a bike. Just charge it and go. When you're not using it, stash it under your desk or chair.  One of my favorite Escooters is the IMAX S1, because it's comfortable and powerful with a 500w motor.

Ebikes. An ebike can get you going quicker, with less effort, can get you up hills that you'd otherwise need to tackle by car and you'll never be stuck in traffic. But even better, you are a participant in this ride! Our Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano powered pedal assist bikes mean you are getting a work-out as you are easily cruising at a respectable speed to get you to work on time. Motostranois well-stocked on all Cube trekking and cross ebikeswith Bosch motors that make for the perfect commuting tool.

Eboards. If you have the skills and need the cool factor, electric skateboards offer many of the same commute benefits of the escooters with a more exciting "asphalt surfing" experience. One of my favorites, Inboard M1 electric skate boardis easy to ride and features a removable battery for easy swapping or charging.

My name is Joe Witherspoon. I started Motostranoback in 2002 because I wanted a there to be the kind of store that I wanted to shop at for motorcycle accessories because I was commuting by motorcycle every day from Burlingame to Palo Alto. I didn't want to sit in traffic and I wanted to enjoy getting to and from work. In 2009 I started commuting by electric bike 15 miles each way from Redwood City up Ralston Ave in Belmont to the hills of San Mateo. I could not have done this without an ebike. This started the morphing of a motorcycle store to a new type of bike shop - an ebikeshop. Over the last 3 years, as battery and motor technologies have improved I started riding all kinds of escooters and eskateboards to get from the shop to the train station and there to home a couple miles away. I encourage you to bust your commute, get out of your car and take advantage of these new technology.

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