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Death Valley Ebike Tour | Whopper Ebike Sale Still On | Accessories for your Ebike

Death Valley Ebike Tour

If follow us on Instagram or Facebook or Youtube you saw are dispatches from the desert. The tour consisted of three e-bikers exploring Death Valley on their e-bikes. We traversed sand, rock, mud, road, mountains, flats for 6 days in this great National Park and experienced the adventure of a lifetime. If we can do it, you can too. Our e-bikes helped get us through the miles, the mud, sand and over the mountains and through the headwinds with relative ease and yet the desert still set up boundaries for us.

We covered a few hundred miles and got up close to the park in ways you can't do in a car. We were some of the few bikes in the park for those 6 days and the only bikes off-road. We explored roads not passable by cars and we took our time and experienced the place up close. We'll be doing more adventures in 2017 and we plan to return to Death Valley. Want to join us? Visit our Ebiketreks meet up page.

Whopper Ebike Sale Still On

What started out as a smashing price-slashing Christmas sale has been extended to this rainy January and so there's never been a better time to buy a fantastic cutting-edge electric mountain or road bike to propel you into the future of bicycling. Complete deals are here.

Motostrano has a page of 2016 year end deales including brand new and demo models, where you'll save even more.

Here are some our favorite picks you can snatch up right now, while saving hundreds of dollars:

Save $1100 on this Haibike HardSeven Carbon, a super-light hard tail with carbon frame, BOSCH motor and top tier components all around. The lightest weight hard tail we sell. 

Haibike XDURO Downhill Pro Electric Mountain Bike
Save $3000 off MSRP on this Haibike Downhill Pro and don't look back. You can't beat this bike for performance off-road. Full on downhill bike with a BOSCH powered motor to get you back to the top to do it all again.

Save $1500 on the Haibike XDURO Trekking, our top pick for standard commuting where comfort, reliability and speed are wanted. You can get the bike in either a 20 or 28MPH top speed configuration and say good by to traffic forever. But this bike is not just a get-to-work horse. Think of this bike as your instant vacation machine. It can take you on adventures you never dreamed of doing on a bike and can't do in a car. Explore the world with this classic European Trekking style bike that is designed to eat up miles of miles of touring. 

For more deals, visit our deals page. 

Accessories For Your Ebike

We've uncovered some excellent new accessories for your ebike. Here are some of them. 

Light & Motion sent us some of their Nip N Tuck front and rear ebike light combination and, in short, they're great. COBI has been shipping their BOSCH ebike control system and if you are gadget freak and ride a BOSCH ebike, this set-up is for you. Speaking of BOSCH, if you want more range the new 500w batteries from BOSCH are shipping next week. With only a limited number (100) allocated for the whole US, it's a good idea to order now because they'll sell out. Lastly, not new, but still a cool collection of accessories, Fahrer from Germany makes a bunch of covers for your BOSCH bike and we have them in stock. 


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