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Thinking of Selling Your Motorcycle and Getting An Ebike? You're Not Alone

With the rise in popularity of electric bicycles , many long time motorcyclists are trading in their 200 lb Kawasaki mx bikes bikes and 400 lb Ducati road bikes for 45 lb electric bicycles. With our long history and involvement in the motorcycle industry (since 2002), perhaps no other company sees this happening real-time than Motostrano , since we too made the switch almost completely from motorcycle to bicycle and now to e-bike in the last 7 years. To be clear, we still dabble in moto stuff and are the leading provider of Supermoto Parts  and also the billet goodies from Italy we're known for, ( Rizoma parts )but the motorcycle industry as a whole tanked along with the last recession and hasn't come back. We are wagering that it will never come back and that's why the cool part of motorcycling has pretty much been relegated to the bygone years of vintage moto bike style ala Triumph and the like. Local racing series are nearly gone. Off-road riding areas are closing