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Haibike SDURO Models Hardseven and Cross SM

The all new Haibike SDURO SM models offer ebike riders a price-point ebike with a huge range and excellent performance. We have lived the bike now for about 4 months and can vouch for the performance and value of this one. For $2500 you'd be hard pressed to buy a bike that can take you as far as the Haibike SDURO.  It's mid-drive motor offers up to 90 miles distance and that's been verified by our test riders.  As a bike, this is a solid hard tail. It's not high end. It's a price point bike, but you can almost not tell, particularly if you stack this bike next to other ebikes in a similar price.  Try comparing this bike on performance alone to any other bike in our store and then factor in price and it's just a great buy.  Haibike came to the US with these bikes in December and they are a US exclusive. They come in both a street version in Haibike CROSS SM SDURO and the off-road version in the Haibike SDURO Hardseven SM 27.5   Motostra