Ebike Buyers Survey

From time to time we conduct customer surveys to find out more about you so we can make sure what we are doing and selling matches what you are seeking and buying.

Our latest Ebike Buyer's Survey is intended to field some basic questions from prospective ebike customers to see what is on your mind with regards to your next ebike.

It's also a fine way to help you keep thinking about what ebike might be right for you.

This weekend is the next installment of the Electric Bike Expo. Take some time to fill out the survey and get to San Diego if you can't get to one of our stores.

Of course, we have been doing our own mini-expos here in Redwood City for years and with our over 150 ebikes in stock at store, we think we're a great place to test an ebike in our own right.

Visit motostrano.com for all your ebike needs!


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