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New Haibike Video Featuring Italy and Guido

Haibike has put out another thrilling Guido video this time in the back country of Tuscany Italy. Now that you have seen the video, visit our stores to buy the latest and greatest Haibike ebikes !

Thinking of Selling Your Motorcycle and Getting An Ebike? You're Not Alone

With the rise in popularity of electric bicycles , many long time motorcyclists are trading in their 200 lb Kawasaki mx bikes bikes and 400 lb Ducati road bikes for 45 lb electric bicycles. With our long history and involvement in the motorcycle industry (since 2002), perhaps no other company sees this happening real-time than Motostrano , since we too made the switch almost completely from motorcycle to bicycle and now to e-bike in the last 7 years. To be clear, we still dabble in moto stuff and are the leading provider of Supermoto Parts  and also the billet goodies from Italy we're known for, ( Rizoma parts )but the motorcycle industry as a whole tanked along with the last recession and hasn't come back. We are wagering that it will never come back and that's why the cool part of motorcycling has pretty much been relegated to the bygone years of vintage moto bike style ala Triumph and the like. Local racing series are nearly gone. Off-road riding areas are closing

Electric Bike Laws in California & United States

Here are some handy resources if you ride an electric bike in California.  We are asked a lot, both before and after customers buy their ebikes- "is my ebike legal"?  Is your bike legal?                 DMV Office of Public Affairs 2415 First Avenue  Sacramento, CA 95818 (916) 657–6437 | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 22, 2015 Electric Bicycles   ( AB 1096, Chiu ) : This law adds an entirely new definition of an electric bicycle to the California Vehicle Code. An electric bicycle is defined as a bicycle with fully operable pedals and an electric motor of less than 750 watts. The law creates three classes of electric bicycles. Manufacturers will also need to certify the electric bicycles comply with specified requirements. Electric bicycle riders will be able to use roads sim

Haibike SDURO Models Hardseven and Cross SM

The all new Haibike SDURO SM models offer ebike riders a price-point ebike with a huge range and excellent performance. We have lived the bike now for about 4 months and can vouch for the performance and value of this one. For $2500 you'd be hard pressed to buy a bike that can take you as far as the Haibike SDURO.  It's mid-drive motor offers up to 90 miles distance and that's been verified by our test riders.  As a bike, this is a solid hard tail. It's not high end. It's a price point bike, but you can almost not tell, particularly if you stack this bike next to other ebikes in a similar price.  Try comparing this bike on performance alone to any other bike in our store and then factor in price and it's just a great buy.  Haibike came to the US with these bikes in December and they are a US exclusive. They come in both a street version in Haibike CROSS SM SDURO and the off-road version in the Haibike SDURO Hardseven SM 27.5   Motostra

Ebike Buyers Survey

From time to time we conduct customer surveys to find out more about you so we can make sure what we are doing and selling matches what you are seeking and buying. Our latest Ebike Buyer's Survey is intended to field some basic questions from prospective ebike customers to see what is on your mind with regards to your next ebike. It's also a fine way to help you keep thinking about what ebike might be right for you. This weekend is the next installment of the Electric Bike Expo. Take some time to fill out the survey and get to San Diego if you can't get to one of our stores. Of course, we have been doing our own mini-expos here in Redwood City for years and with our over 150 ebikes in stock at store, we think we're a great place to test an ebike in our own right. Visit for all your ebike needs!

Sea Otter Classic Ebike Race Friday April 15 Sponsored by Haibike

Sea Otter Classic Ebike Race Friday April 15 Sponsored by Haibike 2016 will be the year ebikes make their whopping KER-PLUNK in the United States. There is so much going on, between a near endless supply of high quality electric mountain and road and every other kind of bike coming on to the scene, to multiple stores and tours and riding enthusiast groups emerging, to a nationwide tour and Expo extravaganza and now a full blown EMTB Race at the 2016 Sea Otter Classic in Monterrey California .  Motostrano has a vested interest in seeing the technology, the design and the riders push these bikes to their limits both in technology, but also in fun-factor. Motostrano has also long been involved in national and international racing events through our pioneering work in the Supermoto arena. Now- we take a dive into the growing sport of EMTB Racing with a our own riders and support for our own customers. This race is all about fun, performance and prom