Join Us On Our Next E-bike Meet-up Ride!

If you haven't yet checked in to our e-bike meet-up page and you like to ride e-bike with others around California, we invite you to join us.

Our San Francisco Bay Area Meet-up rides are set once or twice per month and we ride in groups as little as two and as much as 20. We ride on road and off-road, easy and hard, short and far.

We ride in groups and meet other e-bike riders just like you. Some are experimenting with borrowed or rented bikes. Others have bought bikes from e-bike stores like ours and like the company of others. On the ride we tend to do a lot of sharing of ideas, experiences with the e-bikes, and we also act as promoters in the field, talking to the public and other normal bike riders about how great e-bikes are.

Here's some recent footage of a ride around Tahoe Rim Trail and Flume Trail aboard Mountain Bikes

Here's some video:


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