The Felt Bruhaul Electric Cargo Arrives - It's ELECTRIC!

If you've been holding out for the perfect electric cargo bike to come served up to your door on a platter of wonderful perfection- the Felt Brühaul electric cargo bike has been served.

Arriving to our stores in Redwood City and San Francisco THIS WEEK (we found out all by oursleves), the Felt Brühaul is what we'll be dropping the kids off at school with this semester, complete with our rad-dad eco friendly can't-stand traffic jams attitude. Fresh from a morning run with the whole family, we'll blow a kiss to our techno-wife and pick up our happy-go-lucky kids from the front porch and they will climb aboard the big bronze bullet with B52s Love Shack playing out of the iPHONE speaker amp and the kids will hop on all care-free and blow bubbles all through the neighborhood to their totally rad COOP alternative brainiac school on this ever so sleek eco-alternative traffic-cruncher. Once there, we'll sit in with our kids in class for a few minutes, maybe install a new driver on the clunky old desktop computers there and then play some hoops with the janitor. Then it's back on the Bruhaul (which by now has attracted a crowd other parents from the neighborhood all wondering where they can get one) for some early morning grocery shopping to stock up for the weekend: wholesome stuff, non-GMO, farm fresh, gluten free, paleo diet, local grown, fresh squeezed, craft....will all fit perfectly on to the back of the Felt Bruhaul and we know it because we've done it. 

Bypass all that angst-ridden morning drop-off get-to-work commute traffic with this high quality, high performance electric e-cargo bike and enjoy life a little more, a little better and a litter faster.

Commute in your flip-flops. 

Powered by the latest and greated BOSCH system to the US soil, you know it will always start up when you need it to and never let you down when you don't need it to. Climb up any hill. Carry any load. Don't look like a dweeb doing it. 

Beautiful to ride and wonderful to behold. Visit our San Francisco and Redwood City locations to enjoy this bike and integrate it into your lifestyle today. 

This bike is available in our store only and may not be shipped.

Felt Bruhaul

We're huge fans of electric cargo bikes. They extend the usefulness of the bike, while replicating and improving on much of the effectiveness of the car. A cargo bike can change your life in a great way. Try one. 


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