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Ebikes that Go Beep, Whir and Buzz

Modes of Transportation Bikes that go Beep, Whir and Buzz Perhaps you've seen  the funny Tesla video of the mechanic taking the Tesla out  for a little "joy demo ride" after servicing the car. The old-school mechanic's never played with an electric car before and he exclaims that "it's like a freaking computer". It's transportation 2.0 and it's very much like a computer. The same paradigm shifts are happening in the bike world. The bikes we sell in our store and online have buttons the go beep, that make buzzing sounds and that propel you up hills with ease instead of with a grimace. They are bikes that delete the sweat from your arm pits and upgrade you to super-human climber status - able to climb hills as if you were going down them. We turn them on and we download software that is then uploaded to the on-board computer, to the controller, to the motor. One of the great examples of this is the new  Yuba Spicy Curry electric cargo bike .