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Ebikelane launches as electric bike store for San Francisco
(Queue the song Fanfare For the Common Man by Emerson Lake and Palmer) Today... Motostrano LLC announced the official launch of EBIKELANE, a dedicated electric bike store in the heart of San Francisco in Lower Nob Hill. With it, Motostrano launches a new web site and all new naming and branding for the Motostrano SF store which began operating in November of 2013 at 1452 Bush St. 
Already a hub of activity and learning for how electric bicycles can change and enhance the way people move about, EBIKELANE will focus 100% on performance, urban, recreation and cargo electric bicycles, bringing Motostrano's years of experience in this sector to the fold. In addition to e-bike sales and related accessories and benchmark bike service, the store will become a local source for tourists and business travelers looking to rent an e-bike or take a tour of the Bay Area by e-bike. 
"Year one at our San Francisco store was a huge success. We experimented with different mixes of bike, e-bike and even moto accessories," said Joe Witherspoon, the company's President. "What stuck out was the public's growing interest in and need for electric bikes. E-bikes are a new category of transportation and we want to be at the center of it with our store in San Francisco, the top e-bike market in the country."
Witherspoon said, as Motostrano, there was always a bit of confusion as to what the store was about and this fogged up the store's offering in potential customers eyes. EBIKELANE is neither a bicycle store, nor a motorcycle store, but fills a niche that neither categories are serving well, if at all. 
Bicycle companies in the US have found it hard to move out of the realm of high performance racing bikes designed for endurance racing. Meanwhile, the motorcycle industry is stuck in a similar rut, preferring to focus on motorcycles designed mainly for the race track. In the middle of both of these groups the average member of the public hasn't seen a use for bicycles for everyday use until recently, when the features of the e-bike make them something that's not only viable and practical, but also far better in many ways. 
"People are using electric bicycles for transportation and recreation at the same time. It's changing people's lives, who otherwise would be locked in to car or bus travel." Witherspoon adds, "Additionally, it's a way to stop watching your money go straight down a gas tank, or towards insurance or parking. People are realizing they can use an e-bike for short distance transportation or recreational travel on two wheels at safe speeds that keep them close to their communities, yet free to move about, without letting traffic congestion get in their way. It's life-changing, life-improving. That's what we are hearing directly from the mouths of our customers."
Since e-bikes come in an almost endless range of features, capacities and sizes, people can really hone in on the kind of bike that's right for them. Still, the process of figuring out what is the best bike is a chore, involving endless hours of online 'research". Going to a specialist store is assuring, where customers can find knowledgeable staff and speak to a credible source who must stand behind the products they offer because they are local and there in the community. 
Through years of trial and error learning and customer feedback, Motostrano's eBIKe staff has narrowed the line of bikes to the best in class quality, performance and price. All of these years of learning translate to the trust the customer can have in coming to our store to buy a bike they know will last and will be worth every penny. 
Ebikelane is offering e-bikes from the best e-bike distributors in the United States and is also a direct importer of bikes from Europe and Asia. Current brands include A2,  BBenelli, BESV, BH Easy Motion, EFLOW, Felt Electric, Grace, Haibike, Izip, Juiced, M1 Sporttechnik, Mando Footloose, OHM Cycles, Solex, Urban Arrow, Vanmoof, Yuba.
EBIKElane is located at 1452 Bush St in San Francisco and online at and can be reached at 415-580-1452 and


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