Bosch Research and Technology Center E-Bike Demonstration Event

It was a great honor to demonstrate and promote the Haibike BOSCH powered e-bike model range today at the BOSCH Research & Technology Center.

At hand were the popular range of e-bikes from BOSCH including the Haibike RX 29er, the Haibike XDURO FS RX 27.5 Mountain Bike and the Trekking Xduro RX.

The BOSCH campus is full of young technologists and scientists, most of whom are regular bike riders to and from work and very interested in modern urban mobility and the science of motion.

BOSCH Palo Alto staff spend their time developing robotics, next generation batteries and wireless technologies, just to name a few. The BOSCH e-bike program is a major force within the company and is fast revolutionizing bicycling.

BOSCH scientists and technologists instantly took to the Haibikes, riding with smiles, igniting ideas of possibility and progress. 

With so much traffic and congestion along the Silicon Valley corridor, it is still easy to discount bike riding as a viable means of transportation and get stuck in a rut of 4 wheels and cars. 

Staying active, keeping mobile, reducing emissions and taking up less space. 


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