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Felt Electric Demo Day at Motostrano This Saturday

Motostrano is hosting another great e-bike event with the Felt Electric demonstration and exhibition event. Felt's complete 2014 line will be on hand for you to touch and try, explore and buy. We'll be conducting rides through out the day, where you can enjoy a great day on an e-bike on a beautiful Fall day in California. The Felt e-bikes we'll have on hand include the Felt Sport-E , the Felt Nine-E electric bike and hopefully some suppress previews from the 2015 line including the Felt Lebowsk-e electric bike and maybe Dual-e. Our DEMO days are designed to give you a hands on experience, talk to factory representatives as well as other riders just like yourself. We'll be doing extended road and off-road rides on various model bikes and we'll switch off as well. Our next demo is tomorrow, October 25 from 9 AM to 5 PM. In addition to store demos, at either our Redwood City or San Francisco stores, we also conduct off-site demos and can visit your comp