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So much is happening on the e-bike side of our business that we could fill ten blog posts that would bore you with the endless details about what we saw at Eurobike and what we'll see at Interbike. In short, the world is counting on the bicycle industry to deliver it from so many evils: traffic, pollution, obesity, parking tickets, insurance costs and so much more. And the industry is stepping up to the plate with loads of killer apps for the motorized bicycle sector. Motostrano has a lot of this technology in our stores now. We encourage you to visit our web site and either of our stores to test and buy the latest technology to make its way to the United States.
Around Europe, it used to be, you'd see mopeds and scooters buzzing around big metro areas, as well as small towns and villages. If you haven't been over there lately, you might be surprised to know that the high pitched buzz and the sweet smell of 2 stroke exhaust has almost completely been replaced with silent e-bikes of all type of variety and brand. Traffic, gas prices, insurance and license costs are higher than they are than in the US and though Europe is home to some of the strongest bike-cities in the world, many European towns only recently let bikes take over so strongly and e-bikes are now one of the most preferred ways to get around town. 

You can see us from space...

If you're local, the next time you visit our store you'll be in for a surprise. We had some fun with paint on the building. 
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