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Haibike Electric Bike Demo Day - Motostrano Redwood City California

direct from Germany powered by Bosch long anticipated clean technology game changing All words to describe the coming of the new Bosch mid-drive motor systems on the  HAIBIKE e-bike  systems. We are celebrating an all day DEMO event on the HAIBIKES at our retail location at 926 Broadway @ Woodside, Motostrano.  June 21, starting at 10AM we'll fill our parking lot with  HAIBIKE e-bikes  and we'll take them out for rides on real Silicon Valley roads and trails. If you like, call us in advance to reserve some seat time on a mountain bike version and we'll take you on a guides 1 hour ride in the MTB version's natural environment. See what the BOSCH motor can REALLY do up hills and and how the bike goes down them.  June 21 we'll have the whole fleet of HAIBIKEs on hand and you can purchase the 29er or the Full Suspension models, as well as make a pre- order on any other models that will ship in July.  Let's do this! We'll also have our other