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WOW- the Prodeco Tech Outlaw Is A Monster Ebike

We sell many kinds of ebikes. the Prodeco Tech Outlaw SS is unlike any other. It's beefy with huge front suspension ready for downhill jaunts. It's wide, with fat Continental downhill tires. It's tall with tons of clearance and wide handlebars. This bike is a blast to ride and does best off-road. It could be used as a commuter too, but it's most fun when used as an up hill lift chair. Use the motor to get you up. Use gravity to get you down. Repeat. If it had a fat KTM sticker on the side of the frame you wouldn't know the difference. But, at just $2199 for this kind of non-stop fun, with no fill-ups and no oil changes, you can ride for ever and pay just pennies. It's a blast. We are the Prodeco Tech dealer for San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Visit us to test ride the Outlaw and you'll buy one.