Bosch Electric Bike Motors for 2014

Since BOSCH announced its plans to enter the US market with a strong presence and a great support program, Motostrano customers have shown a great interest in this ebike platform.

Motostrano is in the fortunate position of being able to offer multiple brands of ebikes that will utilize the Bosch ebike motor and battery system.

With our main focus as a bike shop centered around the Felt brand- our goal is to be the premier spot for you to try and buy the Felt line of ebikes.

For 2014 Felt has said we'll get 2 different models of e-bikes, though we are not yet sure which ones they'll be. We hope we get the Fat bike ebike and a commuter hybrid, to start.

In the meantime, there's a long list of Haibike off-road ebikes that are scheduled to come to the United States and many of those can already be pre-ordered on our web site.

When asked, or not- we've explained to ebike makers that their ebikes need to be as reliable and dependable as an electric shaver. We should be able to plug them in and go, every time. This is what we're counting on with the Bosch system.

It's a beautiful motor. Bosch is proud of the fact that over 60 bike makers will rely on their system, including some of the best brands in the two wheeled world.

The Haibike and Felt ebikes will feature the Bosch Midmount Performance 36 Volt, 250 Watt motor. The ride of this system is very different from that of other ebike systems. With the motor and battery all tucked down low, the ride is planted and nimble with the motor and battery weight off of the wheels and rear of the frame. But the power is delivered extremely smoothly, unlike any other system on the market. It's hard to describe, so we recommend visiting our store when we get our Felt and Haibike ebikes in.

For 2014, Bosch released an all new system. This new technology features more powerful electronics and a very low-vibration motor. This translates to power delivery that you don't feel, except in the speed increasing as you ride. The motor uses an optimized 3-sensor concept to delivery power in the most efficient way possible.  50NM of torque. 45 KM top speed and it weighs jut 4KG. All out of a 250 watt motor. The The PowerPacks of the Performance Line are lithium-ion batteries with 300 Wh and 400 Wh, respectively. The PowerPack 400 Performance comes in two versions: as a rack or as a frame battery.

The other part of the equation is the Bosh PowerPack. The Powerpack 300 Performance mounts to the bike's frame. Featuring unmatched energy density, the battery management system offers optimal protection against overload, under-voltage, overheating and short circuit, and it also increases the long service life of the PowerPacks.

With all of this technology, we're glad that some major bike brands have partnered with Bocsh to deliver all of this power.

Additionally, being a long time Felt dealer, Motostrano's technicians will be well versed in the set-up and servicing of these bikes, both as a Felt dealer and also as LEVA trained technicians.


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