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Currie DASH Ebike Now Shipping

Want a powerful, slick looking ebike, made by a reliable company with a full warranty and great dealer network? With the Currie iZIP e3 DASH electric bike , you may need look no further. At $2600 - yes, $2600 - you get an ebike that clocks in 28 MPH, is light weight and rides like a well made hybrid / path bike. The e3 Dash packs a huge amount of power and value into one bike and it's now available at Motostrano Redwood City and San Francisco. Visit our store for a demo. Order yours today.  Each electric bike we sell is professionally built by LEVA trained mechanics. We build them and service them and our sales persons can help you select the right bike.  Our ebike stores are complete sales and service facilities staffed by trained professionals to help you. 

Bosch Electric Bike Motors for 2014

Since BOSCH announced its plans to enter the US market with a strong presence and a great support program, Motostrano customers have shown a great interest in this ebike platform. Motostrano is in the fortunate position of being able to offer multiple brands of ebikes that will utilize the Bosch ebike motor and battery system. With our main focus as a bike shop centered around the Felt brand- our goal is to be the premier spot for you to try and buy the Felt line of ebikes . For 2014 Felt has said we'll get 2 different models of e-bikes , though we are not yet sure which ones they'll be. We hope we get the Fat bike ebike and a commuter hybrid, to start. In the meantime, there's a long list of Haibike off-road ebikes that are scheduled to come to the United States and many of those can already be pre-ordered on our web site. When asked, or not- we've explained to ebike makers that their ebikes need to be as reliable and dependable as an electric shaver. We sho

Rent A Bike At Motostrano Redwood City or San Francisco

Motostrano / Suburbanbikes is the premier place to rent a bicycle in the San Francisco Bay area.  We offer Hybrid, Mountain, Cruiser and Road bikes for rent.  Our daily rates are as follows $35.00       Hybrid Bike   (Felt Verza or similar) $35.00       Cruiser Bike   (Felt Cruiser or similar) $55.00       Mountain Bike   (Felt 29er 780 or similar) $60.00       Road Bike     (Felt Z100 or similar) $20            Trailers $20 $20            Tag-a-long  $5              Helmet $5              Lock Deposit rates are as follows $200           Hybrid Bikes & Cruisers $400           Mountain Bikes & Road Bikes A cleaning fee of $20 will be charged for any bike that is returned overly muddy