San Francisco E-Bike Store Initiates Green Cities Voucher Discount

Life is better on an e-bike.

You've seen them wiz by you on the street. Those happy e-bikers have something going for them, not the least of which is the happy feeling of zipping around town effortlessly and silently on a swift moving bicycle that go anywhere and park anywhere and has no operating expense. No gas to fill. No oil to change. No insurance to pay for. No license to have.

E-bikes take up less space, leaving more city for everyone.
E-bikes take the sweat out of finding a parking place and e-bikes help us stay fit by keeping us active and keeping us mobile.

To help expedite the growth of e-bikes in our city, we're initiating a GREEN CITIES Voucher Discount for any electric bike we sell. This voucher is good for $100 off the purchase price of any of our bikes. One voucher may be used per e-bike bought.


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