E-Bike Demo Event @ Motostrano SF This Saturday.

Electric bicycles are erupting in California! Traffic is bad and getting worse. Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are tired of being stuck in cars, getting fat in cars and looking for ways to slow down and speed up at the same time. E-bikes get you out of a car and let you experience the freedom of bike travel without the overly strenuous elements that work to make it too easy to get in a car when you need to get from point a to be. Let it happen!

Our San Francisco Saturday e-bike Demo Days continue this Saturday from 10Am to 5PM @ 1452 Bush St.  This is the San Francisco location for Motostrano / Suburbanbikes. Join us!
A2B Hero Eco demo bikes and staff will be with us and you can test ride the whole fleet of bikes on real San Francisco hills!
Join us for this miraculous event! Enjoy the thrill of gliding up hills with easy and navigating through traffic with greater agility than anything on 4 wheels. 
The A2B Hero Eco bikes offer a full range of electric bikes for all budgets and riding needs. From easy low cost folders to high speed uber-commuters, A2B has a bike to fit the need. 


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