Motostrano's SF Store @ 1452 Bush St

1452 Bush St, a set on Flickr.

The build-out on our SF store is in the works! We started moving in last week and the store is filling up with bikes and product. We are sometimes open too, so please text us or call us at 650-918-6259 to schedule an appointment.

Just 30 miles north of our Redwood City store, our largest customer base has always been from the City. It's been a long-time dream to open a store in San Francisco to cater to these customers with a cool showroom of urban bikes and gear for the San Francisco rider and beyond. Further, customers in the North Bay and East Bay now have an easier trek to get to the Motostrano products and service. Hop on Bart or just get on the GG Bridge and you're there.

While our Redwood City location will remain our larger warehouse/showroom and shipping center. Our San Francisco store will focus on a sub-set of the motostrano catalog, featuring Vanmoof bicycles, electric bicycles, Felt Bikes, Leader Bikes and soon some of our moto and supermoto goods. Expect to see some supermoto wheels, Rizoma goods and Roland Sands clothing soon.

As you can see from the photos above, the shop is already looking good, with nice modern lighting and a concrete floor. At 1452 Bush St, getting to the shop is easy from all directions and there's always parking right in front of the shop. If not, there's a private garage next door and if you buy a bike, we'll pay you're parking.

With a focus on urban transportation, our SF store is about bicycle design, technology and sport. Bicycling makes transportation fun and healthy and there's there's always a certain fetish with the bicycle as a designed object that appeals to us and makes us want to own it.


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