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Stromer ST1 Platinum - The Solution For The Common Commute

What do you do if you have the perfect high paying tech job in the city and the perfect home in the suburbs, but the two are joined by a commute from hell? The Stromer ST1 Platinum e-bike could be the answer to your problems. In most metro areas of the United States, public transportation systems are poorly designed patchworks of multiple systems stitched together by disconnected lines, creating awful, sluggish, out-dated transportation options that force too many people simply endure the nightmares of congested traffic and over priced parking. There's a solution that bypasses all of that and even gets you to work feeling refreshed and energised from a work out. The Stromer ST1 Platinum is fast, traveling 30MPH with a pedal assist motor. The Stromer ST1 Platinum stops great, with big Magura hydraulic brakes The ST1 Platinum has a range of appx 30 miles. The Stromer is increasingly seen as a viable option for consumers looking to upgrade their lives, decrease the ti