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Troy Lee Designs Adidas

Nothing like a new rubber for your feet. Troy Lee Designs recently launched their partnership with Adidas and Motostrano gobbled up some of their limited edition shoes. The Troy Lee Designs Adidas come in 2 color ways and so far the gray is the hot color - so get black if you don't like to follow the pack. Either way they are great shoes and fit is standard Adidas.

Getting Into Supermoto

Supermoto racing in the United States has been in a state of dud for the past few years, but Supermoto street riding remains strong as ever. Motostrano's parts collection and supermoto conversion kits are hands down the choice of builders looking to get the best parts and the best deals for their motard conversion . Motostrano's been active in the supermoto community for nearly 10 years. Our kits are built on that history and the parts are tried and true . Our top selling conversion kit, the "Bare Bones" kit , is the entry level kit for many riders looking for an affordable kit to start their supermoto trip. Other popular parts include our supermoto fenders , supermoto handguards and our tire collection. For street riders, tire choices abound but most riders call us with basic questions that scope from the looks of a tire on one end to the actual needs of the tire on the other. We recommend getting tires for the actual riding you'll be doing most of the