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Motostrano's California ""WINTER"" Fest Event Bike Show Swap Meet Music Thing

You ARE INVITED to :  Motostrano's California ""WINTER"" Fest Event Bike Show Swap Meet Music Thing It's ""Winter"" in California, which means we wear our t-shirts and short pants and BBQ and  ride our beach cruisers to the beach as usual. It's also time for another Motostrano event of sorts.  This year we'd like to have  you come out to our Redwood City store with your single speed  cruiser creations. Ratrod,  Beach Cruiser, Board Tracker, Stretched Out Chopper, Vintage  Restoration, BMX,  Fixed, Custom Fab, Burning Man, Motorized, Bike. BRING IT  to the  BATTLE  at the Motostrano California   ""WINTER"" Fest Event Bike Show Swap Meet Music Thing December 14, Saturday, 1 PM 926 Broadway St, Redwood City, California We'll Have:  A Bike Show- all the stuff just mentioned above lined up to look at.  A SWAP MEET - BRING YOUR BOXES OF RUSTY TAKE-OFF STUFF AND FIND B

E-Bike Demo Event @ Motostrano SF This Saturday.

Electric bicycles are erupting  in California! Traffic is bad and getting worse. Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are tired of being stuck in cars, getting fat in cars and looking for ways to slow down and speed up at the same time. E-bikes get you out of a car and let you experience the freedom of bike travel without the overly strenuous elements that work to make it too easy to get in a car when you need to get from point a to be. Let it happen! Our San Francisco Saturday e-bike Demo Days continue this Saturday from 10Am to 5PM @ 1452 Bush St.  This is the San Francisco location for  Motostrano  / Suburbanbikes. Join us! A2B Hero Eco demo bikes and staff will be with us and you can test ride the whole fleet of bikes on real San Francisco hills! Join us for this miraculous event! Enjoy the thrill of gliding up hills with easy and navigating through traffic with greater agility than anything on 4 wheels.  The A2B Hero Eco bikes offer a full range of electric bikes for all budgets

Motostrano SF Electric Bike Demo Saturday

Hey, if you missed our San Francisco store opening last Saturday due to all that nasty rain, but you want to learn about e-bikes, we're having one of the many planned demo ride events this Saturday from 10 to 2. Currie Technologies will be on hand with 10 or 15 of their iZip and Eflow electric bikes for demo on a real San Francisco hill. See you here. WHERE: 1452 BUSH St, San Francisco, California  WHEN: Sept 28, this saturday, 10AM to 2PM.  WHY: Because e-bikes are great and we'll have some here for you to try before you buy And you can get a discount on any bike sold that day!

Motostrano SF Store Opens September 21.

We are very excited to announce the Official Opening of  Motostrano 's new San Francisco store location at 1452 Bush St. and invite you to attend our opening event from 2PM to 7PM, Saturday September 21.  The Motostrano SF store will have a heavy focus on electric bicycles, as well as modern urban bikes and related bicycle technology.    As an extension  of our main headquarters in Redwood City - the Motostrano SF store will promote, sell and service very unique electric bicycles to customers who require high quality products with great design and   functionality.  Motostrano SF is a bicycle technology store and showroom, modeled on the boutique shop idea, featuring urban bicycles and e-bicycles for both men and women, recreational riders and commuters. Brands carried include Currie Tech, A2B, BH Easy Motion, Juiced Riders, Urban Arrow, Polaris,  Stealth, Haibike, Grace, Biruni and ItalJet. Just to name a few.  We'll also offer riders a range of

Motostrano's SF Store @ 1452 Bush St

1452 Bush St , a set on Flickr. The build-out on our SF store is in the works! We started moving in last week and the store is filling up with bikes and product. We are sometimes open too, so please text us or call us at 650-918-6259 to schedule an appointment. Just 30 miles north of our Redwood City store, our largest customer base has always been from the City. It's been a long-time dream to open a store in San Francisco to cater to these customers with a cool showroom of urban bikes and gear for the San Francisco rider and beyond. Further, customers in the North Bay and East Bay now have an easier trek to get to the Motostrano products and service. Hop on Bart or just get on the GG Bridge and you're there. While our Redwood City location will remain our larger warehouse/showroom and shipping center. Our San Francisco store will focus on a sub-set of the motostrano catalog, featuring Vanmoof bicycles, electric bicycles , Felt Bikes , Leader Bikes and soon some o

Stromer ST1 Platinum - The Solution For The Common Commute

What do you do if you have the perfect high paying tech job in the city and the perfect home in the suburbs, but the two are joined by a commute from hell? The Stromer ST1 Platinum e-bike could be the answer to your problems. In most metro areas of the United States, public transportation systems are poorly designed patchworks of multiple systems stitched together by disconnected lines, creating awful, sluggish, out-dated transportation options that force too many people simply endure the nightmares of congested traffic and over priced parking. There's a solution that bypasses all of that and even gets you to work feeling refreshed and energised from a work out. The Stromer ST1 Platinum is fast, traveling 30MPH with a pedal assist motor. The Stromer ST1 Platinum stops great, with big Magura hydraulic brakes The ST1 Platinum has a range of appx 30 miles. The Stromer is increasingly seen as a viable option for consumers looking to upgrade their lives, decrease the ti

Troy Lee Designs Adidas

Nothing like a new rubber for your feet. Troy Lee Designs recently launched their partnership with Adidas and Motostrano gobbled up some of their limited edition shoes. The Troy Lee Designs Adidas come in 2 color ways and so far the gray is the hot color - so get black if you don't like to follow the pack. Either way they are great shoes and fit is standard Adidas.

Getting Into Supermoto

Supermoto racing in the United States has been in a state of dud for the past few years, but Supermoto street riding remains strong as ever. Motostrano's parts collection and supermoto conversion kits are hands down the choice of builders looking to get the best parts and the best deals for their motard conversion . Motostrano's been active in the supermoto community for nearly 10 years. Our kits are built on that history and the parts are tried and true . Our top selling conversion kit, the "Bare Bones" kit , is the entry level kit for many riders looking for an affordable kit to start their supermoto trip. Other popular parts include our supermoto fenders , supermoto handguards and our tire collection. For street riders, tire choices abound but most riders call us with basic questions that scope from the looks of a tire on one end to the actual needs of the tire on the other. We recommend getting tires for the actual riding you'll be doing most of the